M L Smith & Sons

Caretaker Grading

Reducing energy consumption by over 50% is one of the key features of the latest Caretaker models, Tong Peal’s Blue Inverter Technology ensures exact energy delivery and power on demand, helping to minimise unnecessary wastage and costly utility bills.

Lincolnshire-based agribusiness M L Smith & Sons recently upgraded their 1980s Tong Caretaker for the latest model, with focus placed on efficiency, productivity, and gentle handling. The custom built Caretaker mobile vegetable grader was designed specifically for the company’s exact requirements with the capability to handle both main crop potatoes and with an integrated daffodil bulb hopper, helping to dramatically reduce costs and increase throughputs.

EasyClean Separator included

Fitted with Tong Peal’s new generation separator – the EasyClean Separator, the grading system provides effective haulm, soil and clod removal in all conditions, as well as Tong Peal’s Auto-Touch HMI touch screen control for automatic changing of cleaner settings to suit different conditions and crop types.

“The past 12 months (2012/2013) have been highly challenging for farmers and growers across the UK.” said M L Smith & Sons’ Director Leon Smith.

“Some of the most extreme weather conditions for well over 30 years has made lifting, handling and processing increasingly difficult. Resulting in minimal profits.

“However, demand for UK produce is still very high which means maximising quality and throughput is key to maintaining income.

“With this in mind, we decided to invest in a new handling line, not only to minimise labour costs, lower energy bills and increase throughputs, but also to improve our post-handling quality and meet short contract turnaround times.

“We worked in partnership with Tong Peal to develop the Caretaker exactly how we wanted which is capable of effectively handling our entire potato and daffodil bulb crop.

“Featuring an infeed bulb hopper, presentation conveyor, EasyClean separator, EasyGrade screen grading module, inspection area and standalone stone and clod separator, the Caretaker is the perfect solution to challenging weather conditions,” added Leon.

“We are committed to meeting the changing needs of farm and pack house professionals, helping them to reduce energy consumption, minimise labour costs and increase throughput figures whilst still ensuring gentle and efficient handling of crop,” commented Charlie Rich. Export Sales Manager at Tong Peal Engineering.