With over 85 years of engineering experience, Tong has an innate commitment to designing and manufacturing automated handling equipment that incorporates innovative and advanced solutions.

These are inspired by listening carefully to our customers’ needs, whilst embracing the latest technology.

With this in mind, Tong equipment is built to add value to crop, alongside a key focus on automating the handling process to increase productivity through reduced labour requirements.

There’s no getting around the fact that an increasing minimum wage means labour costs are steadily on the up, whilst sourcing suitable labour for the job continues to pose its own challenges.

That’s why at Tong Engineering, we are dedicated to not only ensuring your new handling equipment runs more efficiently and is gentler on crop, but that it also brings you the most advanced vegetable grading, sorting and handling equipment.

This allows you to embrace automation; resulting in optimum crop utilisation and significantly lower labour and running costs.