Danish machinery manufacturers; Newtec, supply simultaneous and advanced optical sorting machines which sort potatoes by quality, size and shape in a single-stage process. Tong Engineering is proud to work alongside Newtec on advanced optical sorting projects in the UK and worldwide and has vast experience in integrating the particularly popular Newtec Celox potato optical sorting machine within complete Tong turnkey optical sorting solutions, resulting in a high-quality optical grading facility for maximum handling efficiency.

The advanced technology found in the Newtec Celox potato optical sorter, ensures rapid sorting of washed potatoes, removing the need for pre-grading whilst decreasing labour, time and costs. Each potato is individually checked as it passes through the camera section of the optical sorter. The advanced vision capabilities of the Newtec Celox optical sorter utilise three cameras that capture precise data on each potato, including size, shape and overall quality. The unique vibrating rollers ensure that the potatoes are gently rolled and propelled forward to ensure every angle is captured at the camera phase, providing the most detailed and accurate data available.

quality potato optical grading

The process of sorting potatoes using the Newtec Celox is designed to save time, money and labour. Maximum efficiency is in mind throughout this machine, which grades potatoes into different categories based on varying defects. Such defects include damage, black spots, dry cuts, grey damage, green areas and rot. Potatoes will then be classified based on their size, shape and quality into:

Class A <50
Class A >50
Class B

Up to 16 categories of products can be sorted out simultaneously. Sorting criteria for these categories are instantly customisable according to your current needs and specifications. Premium product selections can effortlessly be sorted out of bulk produce.

Being completely configurable by the operator or factory manager the sorting machine permits near-instant turn-around time and unparalleled flexibility. Additionally, the machine collects detailed real-time product data which is available with Newtec WebServices. The same data can optionally be integrated in your own business IT-systems for further analysis.

So, if you are interested in an advanced optical sorting system incorporating the gentlest handling equipment from Tong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with our expert sales engineers.


Infeed section

Infeed section

The infeed section receives potatoes and conveys them into the camera section. Advanced computer control ensures optimum throughput on all lanes, the number of lanes can be decided on by the operater.

Camera section

Camera section

In the camera section, each product is inspected to capture accurate data on size, shape and surface quality. Each potato is evaluated according to the grading parameters chosen by the operator, whether you’re grading by size, shape, quality or all three.

Spinaflex section

Spinaflex section

As the potatoes leave the camera section they enter the Spinaflex section of the machine. The Spinaflex belt routes each product to the correct outlet based on the sorting grade given from the advanced cameras.

This product is suitable for:

  • Potatoes


High capacity

Up to 30 tonnes

The Newtec optical sorter is capable of accurate quality sorting at capacities of up to 30 tonnes per hour, depending on the size of the potatoes. You can choose between 4, 8 and 12 lanes depending on the required capacity.

Quality guaranteed

Gentle handling

Like all Tong equipment, the Newtec Celox product drop height is very low, combined with slow spin belts, the product is efficient yet incredibly gentle on the crop.


Highly efficient

The machine is constructed with maximum efficiency in mind, combining high production throughput with a relatively small footprint.
This efficient and space-saving machine ensures a very thorough quality check and classification of every single potato.

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