The Tong sliver remover is suitable for use in all types of potato, fruit and vegetable processing.

This high quality sliver remover grades out small pieces of processed product, including strips and snips of sliced or cubed root product, slivers of diced fruits, peelings of nuts and more.


The sliver remover is specifically designed to efficiently remove sliver and waste product in a wide range of applications. Featuring adjustable lift roller graders to allow the gap/openings between the rollers to be adjusted to suit specific requirements.

All rollers rotate in one direction, and are supplied with high-quality food grade rollers, and food-grade spirals. This ensures efficient movement and a continuous and even overall spread of the product, for the best sorting results.

Product is transported over the rollers to the output, very carefully, so the product is handled gently with no damage at all. Waste is collected and can be removed underneath the machine, and for spraying off sticky waste product, the sliver remover is supplied with spray nozzles over the rollers.



Adjustable Rollers

The Tong sliver remover features adjustable rollers to allow the gap/openings between the rollers to be varied to suit specific requirements.

Food Grade Construction

Featuring high quality food grade blue or white rollers, the sliver remover is ideal for use in a variety of food processing environments from french fry and processed vegetable factories, to tinned fruit and nut applications.

High Capacity Sorting Surface

Manufactured with a high capacity sorting surface, the sliver remover ensures an even spread of crop over the machine’s bed, for the best results even in high capacity handling situations.

Easy Maintenance

Built to incorporate minimal wearing parts, the sliver remover is exceptionally reliable and very easy to maintain.



Remove sliver & small pieces

Built to the highest standards with a large sorting surface, the Tong sliver remover offers effective removal of sliver and small pieces from processed product.


Adjustable Food Grade Rollers

Adjustable rollers for maximum flexibility and effective results on a wide range of products.


From 1.5 to 15 tons per hour

Available in a range of models, the sliver remover can be used to effectively de-sliver processed foods at capacities from 1.5 to 15 tons per hour.

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