For sale is a Ex Demo Soak Tank

Integrated Destoner 

  • Stones web elevator
  • Variable speed flume pump
  • Includes all water and electric connections
  • Web belt in the bottom – 8 mm free opening between the bars. The belt is elevating and dewatering the stones sidewards
  • Crop level sensor
  • Cranked web belt in the bottom of the tank
  • 2765mm flat section + 2765mm outfeed elevator elevating and dewatering (Feed off height 2.8m +-100mm, small chute to feed 600mm wide conveyor)
  • Integrated air injection grated between the two parts of the flat web belt, to create a jacuzzi effect
  • Air injected by a speed-controlled blower 4 kW connected to the air injection points via flexible hoses.
  • This function can be periodically switched on in order to regularly enable periods that allow the sand to settle in the underlying auger
  • De-sanding Auger 
  • Pneumatic dump valve and sequence emptying directly under auger (vertical)
  • Equipped with both left and right propeller blades, is periodically controlled by a slow- rotating gearmotor 0.37 kW
  • Fixed speed
  • Sludge Scraper, (Bolt on Beak for containerisation) 
  • Sediment is brought to a central discharge point that is located lower and is collected by a scraper that elevates and dewaters sidewards
  • Sludge scraper is driven by a slow-rotating gearmotor 0.55 kW.
  • A Floating Debris Remover
  • Placed at the outfeed of the soak tank
  • Adjustable Wier easily electrically lifted for Parsnip production easily lowered for carrots
  • Spray pipes with manual valves
  • A dewatering scraper which also elevates rubber sock to bin
  • The scraper is driven with a slow-rotating gearmotor 0.18 Kw
  • Peened finish to stainless steel

This machine is in stock and ready for immediate despatch. For more information contact sales@tongengineering.com.

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