Carrot Grading, Washing & Packhouse Handling Equipment from Tong Engineering


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This video shows a Tong carrot grading, washing & handling facility in operation in the US, handling carrots destined for processing for use in processed foods including baby foods, processed meals etc.

Carrot handling

The carrot handling process starts with carrot cleaning with Tong’s market leading separator, the EasyClean separator, which effectively removes any haulm and leaf matter in the carrot crop from the harvesting process. In this video the EasyClean is working in light soil conditions but offers exceptional soil and haulm removal in heavier soil conditions too.

Carrot washing is completed with a Tong carrot barrel washer with an integrated close-coupled destoner at the infeed to effectively remove stones from the carrot crop prior to washing. minimising damage to equipment and the carrot crop.

Carrot grading takes place with a Tong lift roller grader, which effectively grades carrots by diameter.

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