EasyClean Potato Vegetable Cleaning & Separating

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With Inverter Direct Drive motors on every shaft, the EasyClean vegetable cleaning machine offers unrivalled crop cleaning at the touch of a button.

With Tong’s full electric Blue-Inverter technology control and a proven track record of exceptional crop cleaning results, the latest model of the EasyClean separator, the EasyClean II, is an even more refined, cartridge-style separator. With a new auto-reject function for removal of foreign objects and the capability to be even more finely tuned, our knowledge and experience allows us to offer the most effective separator on the market with the EasyClean II.

With the very best design, and intelligent controls, you can rest assured that the EasyClean separator will be a time-saving, cost-effective tool to help separate and clean your crops with ease. This video shows how heavily soiled, dry potatoes are instantly separated and cleaned in no time at all.

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