Onion Grading Line from Tong


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This onion grading and handling video shows Tong Engineering’s recent onion grading line installation at Elveden Farms in Thetford, UK. The new equipment at Elveden Farms features a heavy duty Tong Caretaker-style in-feed hopper to transport the onions to a pre-inspection table. Onion topping equipment was also incorporated into the Tong line, manufactured by Dutch firm ERC Machinery. The onion topper removes excess top from onions before they are carried to the Tong EasyGrade screen sizing modules.

The EasyGrade screens are capable of handling a high volume of throughput, perfect for Elveden Farms’ high capacity grading requirements.

Andrew Francis, senior farm manager of Elveden Farms said, “We chose Tong when upgrading our onion grading line and they proved to be the right fit for us. The new machinery offers us the flexibility we need. Being able to incorporate some of our existing equipment into our new high capacity grading line allowed us to upgrade our equipment. Whilst changing the configuration of our line to give us maximum throughput and efficiency.”

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