Potato Grading with Tong’s Caretaker Mobile Vegetable Grader

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The Caretaker mobile vegetable grader is Tong’s market leading mobile optical potato grader which can be fully custom built to meet your exact requirements and is equally suited for handling other crops including onions, carrots, parsnips, bulbs and more.

With full inverter driven variable speed, the Caretaker offers significant energy savings when compared to mechanical variator controlled machines.

When running at full capacity and tested with dry crop conditions, this optical potato grader runs on just 18 amps.

Which is an energy saving of over 50% when compared to similar machines with standard mechanical drive. This offers significant savings of time and money.

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Optical Potato Grader

Elveden Caretaker potato grading mobile portable grader sorter even flow potato box bin filling (35)

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