Potato Box Filling with the Tong Midi EasyFill Box Filler

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The midi EasyFill box filler is Tong’s market leading twin box filler designed with reliability, ease of use, the gentlest handling and high throughputs in mind.

One of the key differences with the EasyFill box filler is the option of its trademark ‘Doorstop’ belt. Tong’s unique box filler belt offers the gentlest handling of crop, with rubber fingers that gently hold crop without the need for conventional curtain hoods. This offers even greater flexibility in the box filling machine’s application whilst giving unrivalled crop handling, ensuring crop is gently cradled into the box.

Suitable for use on a wide range of vegetables from potatoes and onions to celeriac and bulbs, the EasyFill box filler can be specified with a conventional heavy duty PVG cleated belt with a crop hood for gentle handling, or it can be fitted with Tong’s unique Doorstop belt. Manufactured with one reversible crop conveyor with lowering ends that traverse to gently deliver crop into boxes, the EasyFill makes the whole box filling process hassle-free, fast and gentle.

Available in Mini, Midi, Maxi or Mega models as standard, depending on your box size, the EasyFill range offers gentle and effective box filling from 30 to 70 tonnes per hour, depending on crop type.

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