Potato Grading and Washing Machine from Tong Engineering


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This video shows one of Tong’s latest Potato Grading and Washing Machine installation for a large-scale potato processor in Sweden.

Incorporating heavy duty potato box tippers feeding the line, crop is fed evenly onto a PU star cleaning unit by a Tong even flow hopper.

Potatoes are graded on steel screen sizing modules.

  • Ideal for large scale productions
  • Gentle washing and handling
  • High capacity optical sorter
  • Box filling equipment

Potato washing in a new generation Tong potato barrel washer means crop is gently washed before polishing commences with a Martin Maq vegetable polisher.

Crop is sorted via a high capacity optical potato sorter before it is gently fed into boxes with Tong’s gentle potato box filling equipment.

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Potato Grading and Washing Machine

Potato Grading and Washing Machine | Tong Engineering

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