Potato Processing Line from Tong


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This video is of a five-line potato processing line facility in the UK. Designed, manufactured and installed by Tong Engineering. The potato processing company supplies processed potatoes to its customers. They then further process the potatoes into ready meals for the UK’s major supermarkets. Handling over 100,000 tonnes of potatoes per year, the company produces high-quality potatoes. Ranging from whole peeled to sliced, diced and chipped, and distributes them across the UK.

processing line WITH Optimum throughput

Tong designed and manufactured a complete potato grading & handling facility. Comprising of five independent potato processing lines for optimum throughput. The new facility gently handles the potatoes from receiving dirty crop in boxes to packing the processed crop ready for despatch. The potato lines starts with of a series of Tong box rotators at the infeed. These gently tip crop into five Tong bulk receiving hoppers. Which ensure an even flow of crop into ten potato processing line, complete with peeling machines.

Once crop is peeled, the potatoes pass through Tong stainless steel de-starch tanks. Complete with 900mm wide outfeed crop elevators and blue plastic modular belting, to aid drainage of the crop after the de-starch treatment is complete. Crop is then elevated onto roller inspection tables for manual inspection prior to packing. Once inspected, all crop passes through Tong SO2 dip tanks. To give the potatoes an enhanced finish and prevent discolouration of the crop. A series of metal detectors and slither removers are also incorporated within the potato processing line. This ensures potatoes are in optimum condition before they are mashed, chipped, quartered, diced, sliced or roasted.

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