Brussel Sprout Grading, Weighing and Packing from Tong



Tong Engineering prides itself on manufacturing the most advanced brussel sprout grading, weighing and packing lines.

This video shows our finest brussel sprout grading, weighing and packing line in action. Unrivalled crop sorting, provided by the latest technology from Tong Engineering. Watch as the outers of the brussel sprouts are quickly removed by the grading line, allowing increased crop efficiency. Easily integrated with a brussel sprout conveyor.

Brussel SPROUT grading lines

Tong grading lines are complete systems, allowing you to easily sort and package brussel sprouts directly from the field. They are designed to achieve all of your grading requirements. Allowing you to utilise labour in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

Our systems are built with the very latest technology. From auto-touch HMI controls offering full control of your grading equipment, to Pro-Series diagnostics. This allows the exact location of any problem to be shown. Preventing your grading line being out of use for hours whilst trying to locate the source of the issue.

Gentle grading and handling to minimise damage to the crop, with minimal human intervention required. View our range of vegetable grading lines – we don’t just manufacture them for brussel sprouts!


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