Ton Bag Filling with Tong’s JetFill Big Bag Filler

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Tong’s JetFill big bag filler is the ideal ton and 1000kg bag filling machine that offers automatic and gentle big bag filling with high throughputs of up to 40 tonnes per hour. Seamlessly integrated with a potato conveyor system.

Jetfill Lifting Platform

Designed with throughput and careful handling in mind, the JetFill’s lifting platforms automatically raise empty bags to the reversible feed potato conveyor to ensure minimal drop. As the bag fills crop sensors lower the bag platform until the bag is full. Once one bag is full, the potato conveyor belt stops and reverses to fill the bag on the other side.

This video shows the JetFill Big Bag Filler in action, giving a continuous filling solution. The weight of the crop stretches the bag, ensuring the crop fills the bag correctly. Removing the need for manual bag filling!

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