By carolemetcalfe

New Tong Caretaker Trailer Reversing Sensors

Trailer Reversing Sensors (4)

Tong’s market leading Caretaker mobile grader is now available with a new option of trailer reversing sensors, make loading the grader’s hopper much quicker, safer, easier and more accurate than ever before.

Designed to provide operators with the hopper loading version of parking sensors, the new trailer reversing system features a fully adjustable proximity sensor which detects the position of the trailer whilst reversing, and signals the driver once it is in place for tipping.

“The latest models of our Caretaker grader are advancing all the time, incorporating new options and technical features that save time and make the grading process more efficient. The latest option of trailer reversing sensors is proving very popular with growers when specifying a new machine, as it not only speeds up the transfer of crop to the hopper, but also ensures no spillage and safeguards against bumps and scrapes that can occur in the hopper loading process,” says Nick Woodcock, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering.

“The Caretaker hopper is fitted with two identical LED ‘traffic light’ units, one at each side of the hopper, that signal green whilst the trailer slowly approaches the hopper, and turn red to signal stop once the trailer is in position” explains Nick, “It really is that simple.”

The hopper’s proximity reversing sensor is suitable for use on practically any unloading vehicle, be it trailer or bulker, and can be easily adjusted by the operator for notably different unloading trailers.

“This new option is proving very popular,” added Nick, “and I’m sure this will become one of those must-have features for customers specifying new models of our most advanced Caretaker grader.”

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