Tong Onion Line-55

Advanced Control Equipment

Tong Engineering is proud to offer some of the most technically advanced electrical and control equipment available on the market.

Tong is committed to providing the most efficient vegetable grading and handling equipment both to growers and packers throughout the UK and worldwide. This dedication is reflected in our unrivalled equipment control which extends across our entire range of market-leading machinery, ensuring seamless operation and fully-integrated solutions.

HMI Control Electrical Panel Tong Engineering

Electric Control Efficiency

Tong’s intelligent control systems sets our Tong control equipment apart worldwide. Our energy-saving Blue Inverter Technology sees all electric inverter direct drive on all variable speed motors, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and performance.

Similarly, Tong’s advanced Auto-Touch HMI controls bring the most intelligent control capabilities with full-customisable modules alongside instant adjustment to machines settings at the touch of a button.

Advanced touch-screen HMI controls Auto-Touch control Tong


Tong brings a level of control and system intelligence to the vegetable handling industry that would more commonly be seen in the aviation and rail industries, not the agricultural industry!

These advanced controls incorporate intelligent diagnostics modules as well as enhanced safety modules and maintenance schedule modules, offering system monitoring and reporting, to minimise downtime and increase productivity.

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