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By carolemetcalfe

Team Tong Spotlight with Andy Shelton

As part of our Spotlight blog feature, we grab 15 minutes with a valued member of team Tong to highlight the invaluable role they play in ensuring we build relationships and equipment that lasts for generations to come.

We’re very proud of our friendly and forward-thinking culture here at Tong Engineering, and it is fuelled by the talented and experienced people we are proud to have as part of our workforce. We thrive on the commitment we share together at Tong; where it’s not just a job, it’s a shared passion to achieve the best for our company and our customers.

Despite these unprecedented times that we have all been experiencing over the last month or so as we carry on during a Worldwide pandemic, busy times have continued here at Tong Engineering. All departments of our production and manufacturing processes have continued to operate, albeit with necessary adjustments to keep everyone safe. Our workforce have responded amazingly to the challenges presented and orders have continued to progress to fulfilment on schedule.

So, even in these difficult times we have managed to grab 15 minutes with a member of our Sales Design Team, Andy Shelton. Andy is working hard from his home office to ensure all the drawings are getting out on time.

So, without further ado, lets get to know Andy a little bit more…

Job Role: Sales Design

Number of years worked at Tong: 36

What does your day-to-day at Tong involve? Most of my days are spent in the office designing handling solutions for farmers, pack houses and even recycling plants.  I design the initial concept drawings for the sales team to sell to our customers. Occasionally I visit our customers to discuss their requirements with the sales rep, measure building space and existing machinery.

Describe Tong in 3 words: Bespoke machinery manufacturers

What makes you proud to work at Tong? I find it amazing that a family run business in Spilsby have provided bespoke agricultural equipment in every continent around the world including countries like Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, Russia, Sweden and the USA.

What’s your favourite project you have worked on at Tong? I have enjoyed many projects during my 36 years at Tong. I very much enjoyed visiting Sweden and designing the LEV project. Another one of my favourites was the revolutionary Carrot pack house for M H Poskitts, in Yorkshire. However my favourite project has to be the multi-screen grading system for Produce World. It was a design I had, had in mind for another customer previously and finally I got to use it. It was a great success!

What’s the best thing you have learned on the job? I have learned the importance of how to work with a customer to achieve their requirements with my design in the simplest and most cost effective way.

If you weren’t living your dream at Tong, what would your dream job be?! I have always been very interested in property prices so I would have loved to have been an estate agent in another life.

Do you have any secret talents or hobbies? It’s maybe not so secret but I have a passion for running. In my younger years I was a sub three hour marathon runner but now I have slowed down a little. I enjoy encouraging new runners and I even hold a UKA Coach licence.  My wife and I set a up a running club five years ago which has now grown to over two hundred members.

What’s your favourite vegetable? Ha Ha….  tricky one for me as I don’t really eat vegetables so…. It has got to be the potato!

One word to describe our home county of Lincolnshire? Homely!

Favourite place to holiday? I’ve been to Greece and Turkey several times which I love. I have now discovered Italy and I absolutely love Venice!!

Well Andy, that was an extremely interesting 15 minutes with you! It’s been a pleasure!…

Andy Shelton Team Tong.