By carolemetcalfe

The next level in Weighing Solutions

Tong Engineering is pleased to announce its updated 2514 Weigher Bagger. Designed to meet the needs of agricultural professionals looking to embrace new weighing technologies, the specialist tank weighing system features a proven design and includes the latest progressions in manufacture and technology.

Unlike conventional tank systems that weigh crop in the tank before discharging directly into a pack/bag/box, the 2514 discharges crop in batches onto a cross-conveyor. This allows a second load to be weighed while the discharged crop travels along the conveyor, to be transferred to the bag. This simple addition of a cross conveyor significantly increases throughput efficiency and ensures the gentlest of crop handling.

With user-friendly electronic control, a customised digital display and simple configuration, the Tong 2514 Weigher Bagger has been developed with efficiency, reliability and usability in mind. Capable of handling crop batches between 5-25Kg, the updated weigher provides users with an economical process to weigh and pack crop ready for distribution.

Nick Woodcock, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering commented: “Since launching the original 2514 Weigher, we’ve manufactured a large number of units for farmers and packers across the UK.

“To bring the system up to date and provide an even more efficient process for users, we made the decision to revamp the original design, combining our many years of experience with the latest technical developments.

“As well as all-lasered components, the next-generation weigher is finished with Tong’s SPECTRACON® coating, which pairs a solvent-based epoxy primer with a high-performance finish layer, to provide unrivalled corrosion resistance, excellent durability and outstanding appearance.

“The eco-friendly acrylic polyurethane paint can also withstand direct sunlight, preventing appearance fade and ensuring a long-lasting glossy appearance. This means that our equipment will retain its flawless appearance, regardless of exposure to weather or accidental damage.”