By carolemetcalfe

Tong appointed UK distributor for HAWE-KUW 2000 field trailer


Leading vegetable handling equipment specialist Tong Engineering has been appointed UK distributor of the HAWE-KUW 2000 root crop transfer trailer from renowned German manufacturer HAWE Wester.

The announcement comes as Tong continues to develop its range of advanced handling equipment to offer the complete handling solution from post-harvest to pack.

“Like Tong, HAWE Wester are a family business who are committed to manufacturing robust and reliable solutions,” says Edward Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering. “In line with continued demand from our customers for effective cleaning and loading equipment that can be used in the field to streamline the transfer of crop from harvester to bulker, our partnership with HAWE Wester has brought a natural addition to our range of post-harvest handling equipment.”

“Manufactured with up to a 30 cubic metre holding capacity, the transfer trailer runs alongside the harvester, receiving crop directly from the harvester for cleaning and loading at the field side; keeping tractors and soil off the road, whilst reducing crop mileage,” explains Richard Knighton, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering.

Featuring heavy duty construction with a mounted steel hopper and integrated rolling floor, the HAWE-KUW 2000 transfer trailer is suitable for use on multiple root crops including potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, parsnips and bulbs. At the outfeed, the transfer trailer is fitted with an adjustable coil cleaning unit for effective removal of soil from crop, feeding a 1200mm wide folding elevator, which allows crop to be gently transferred to bulker lorries at the side of the field, at capacities up to 120 tons per hour.

“With a transfer height of 4.1m, the trailer ensures very gentle handling whilst a waste bunker to the underside of the cleaning unit ensures all soil and debris can be emptied back into the field,” says Richard. “The trailer is the ideal option for growers who want to clean crop and bulk-load in the field. Whilst the coil cleaning unit within the transfer trailer is proven to be very effective, we are already working with HAWE Wester to offer growers the option of Tong’s industry leading EasyClean separator as the specified cleaning unit, which will bring even greater flexibility and unrivalled cleaning results on all crop, in all conditions,” adds Richard.

Of the new partnership, Lutz Mahnig, Sales Manager at HAWE Wester commented “We are very pleased to expand our dealer network by establishing a new partnership with Tong; a highly respected UK manufacturer who can work closely with customers of the transfer trailer, understanding their requirements and providing invaluable aftersales support.”

For more information on the HAWE-KUW 2000 trailer, options and prices, customers should contact Richard Knighton, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering.