By laserred

Tong Paints it Red

Tong high quality PPG paint finish

As part of continued efforts to provide farmers and growers with the highest quality custom handling equipment, Tong is proud to announce a brand new machinery finishing process.

The leading UK manufacturer has partnered with Internationally-renowned PPG Industries to introduce a specialist exterior topcoat for all mild-steel painted equipment in its 2013 range.

The innovative SPECTRACON® coating, which pairs a solvent-based epoxy primer with a high-performance finish layer, will provide unrivalled corrosion resistance, excellent durability and outstanding appearance.

The eco-friendly acrylic polyurethane paint can also withstand direct sunlight, preventing appearance fade and ensuring a long-lasting glossy appearance.

What’s more, the liquid finish has been designed with challenging exterior conditions in mind, and is therefore the perfect solution for the company’s machinery, which is often situated in humid packhouses, demanding outdoor processing sites or busy washing plants. As well as ensuring surface durability, the resilient undercoat offers superior anti-corrosion protection should the top finished coating suffer chipping or damage – giving an additional layer to prevent rust, oxidation or steel tarnishing.

“Our new heavy-duty coating process is the latest initiative in a long line of 2013 new product developments,” commented Edward Tong, Operations Director at Tong Engineering.

“Our entire range of bespoke handling equipment is build with quality, durability and longevity in mind, so we’ve made sure that our paint finish reflects this.

“As well as boasting self-levelling adhesion, endurance technology and tarnish resilience properties, the specialist coat can be supplied in any colour, to match existing machinery, surroundings or site requirements.

“The whole process is also highly efficient. By drying painted equipment at 60°C, total finishing times can be reduced significantly, increasing the throughput of our paint shop and helping to reduce production times. Used worldwide in the automotive industry, our new paint and finishing process really is the best solution available for our mild-steel equipment.”