By carolemetcalfe

Tong showcases Caretaker at Lamma

Tong Caretaker mobile potato grader grading equipment (2)

Leading vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, is once again exhibiting at the UK’s largest farm machinery show LAMMA, to present its latest range of equipment for 2017, on stand R37.

Further to advancements in the company’s Auto-Touch HMI controls, which have seen the introduction of Pro-Series control features including safety, diagnostics and maintenance features for more efficient running and minimal downtime, Tong is set to showcase the latest model of its market-leading Caretaker mobile vegetable grader, featuring the new advanced HMI control system.

Available as an option on all its latest equipment, Tong’s Pro-Series controls can be specified as part of the Auto-Touch HMI control system, adding a level of control and system intelligence that brings users advanced system monitoring and reporting.

And to make it even easier for visitors to see how the new controls can make a difference when specified as an option on the latest Caretaker, Tong will be offering demonstrations of the Pro-Series HMI control features on stand at Lamma, with an interactive control panel, which will simulate typical operating situations, and show how these can be quickly controlled, adjusted and rectified directly from the touch-screen.

“Our Caretaker grader is continuously developing to ensure it offers efficient and advanced handling to meet the demands of progressive potato and vegetable growers,” says Nick Woodcock, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering.

“We are proud to offer our Caretaker in a range of models to suit a wide range of handling needs, from smaller growers looking for effective cleaning and grading at lower throughputs, to larger growers and processors who have throughput needs in excess of 50 tons per hour. Having said that, one thing that all our customers have in common, no matter what their throughput requirements, is that they need a reliable machine that not only offers quality cleaning and grading results, but also saves time, and requires minimal maintenance,” explains Nick.

The latest controls include a sophisticated diagnostics module for pro-active, real-time notifications of the status of the line, as well as automatic alerts that pin-point the exact location of any issues that may arise, enabling quick and easy problem solving and resetting. This includes information on emergency stop alerts, motor and inverter faults or any area that may require attention.

“With our new pro-series controls, we are introducing advanced technology to the vegetable handling industry to make equipment control, diagnosis, problem solving and maintenance, much quicker and easier than ever before,” says Nick. “This is resulting in much more continuous operation, reduced costs and increased productivity of growers’ and processors’ handling facilities. The new controls are extremely user friendly, and as the display is largely pictoral, it is easy for users of any nationality to operate. This, coupled with our Blue Inverter Technology featuring all electric inverter direct drive, ensures our Caretaker mobile vegetable graders, like the one that will be on stand at Lamma, really bring noticeable efficiencies.”

“We look forward to seeing farmers and growers from all over the UK at Lamma and demonstrating the capabilities of these latest controls as well as discussing their requirements for the year ahead. As always, we will welcome visitors with hot refreshments in our heated marquee!”

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