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For a high quality, hand-peeled finish, choose the potato peeling machine with knife peeler from Tong. It is the ideal vegetable and potato peeling machine, suitable for continuous peeling of a wide range of pre-washed root crop. The knife potato peeling machine incorporates a heavy-duty full-length knife drum and integrated auger which allows gentle and efficient vegetable peeling as crop passes through the drum.


High capacity potato peeling typically generates a large amount of waste; not only that, traditional vegetable peelers can often require ongoing maintenance and repairs. The vegetable knife peeler from Tong has been designed to offer the best solution in terms of waste and maintenance. It ensures a high yield and minimal waste, as well as very few wearing parts, meaning that the maintenance requirements are exceptionally low.

With its advanced and user-friendly design, the Tong potato peeling machine is market-leading, giving vegetable processors optimal yield, capacity and crop rotation. Alongside low peeling loss, minimal downtime, the longest blade life, and very easy knife changing.


The knife potato peeling machine ensures the finished peeled product has a ‘peeled by hand’ appearance, making it look authentic and appealing. Manufactured with unique cleaning shafts for effective cleaning of the inside of the drum, these internal drums ensure continuous potato peeling and no loss of peeling capacity. The vegetable knife peeler from Tong ensures optimal and guaranteed rotation of the product, for 100% potato peeling results at capacities up to 5000 kg per hour.

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The knife peeler from Tong gives a high-quality, hand-peeled finish, for excellent appearance and extended shelf-life when it comes to potato peeling.


Suitable for wet and dry vegetable and potato peeling applications, the knife peeler offers flexible peeling to suit all requirements.


The knife peeler offers efficient results and reliable performance, manufactured with heavy duty, high quality peeling knives.


Built to incorporate minimal wearing parts, the knife peeler is exceptionally reliable and very easy to maintain.

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