If you’re looking for effective accumulation of product packs or bags prior to packing and distribution, Tong’s rotary packing tables offer a gentle and effective pre-packing solution.

Also referred to as a ‘lazy Susan’ or a ‘rotary accumulation turntable’, the rotary packing table is built upon a simple yet effective design where packs are received onto a large rotating plate. Normally positioned at the end of the vegetable processing line, the rotary packing table accumulates packs or bags which gives additional packing time if required, for more convenient picking and packing by operators.

Reduces manual labour

Available in mild or stainless steel construction with the choice of a flat or conical top, the Tong rotary packing table is designed to offer a high quality, reliable pack accumulation system – affordable and maintenance free. Contact us today to see how a rotary packing table could be incorporated into your vegetable grading & handling line.




Tong’s flat top rotary packing table feature, yes you guessed it, a flat stainless steel circular packing table top for effective accumulation of packs prior to despatch.



A popular choice for those handling smaller packs, Tong’s conical top packing table encourages accumulation around the edge of the packing table for easy picking of small packs and bags.



Built upon Tong’s trademark robust and reliable design, when you choose a Tong rotary packing table you choose one that will perform and last for many years to come.



Efficient Handing

Tong rotary packing tables offer gentle yet effective accumulation of product packs or bags prior to packing and distribution, improving the productivity of your despatch process.


Flat or Conical

Manufactured in a choice of either a flat or conical top, Tong offers a high quality rotary packing table to suit your exact needs for many years to come.


Mild or Stainless Steel

Tong offers the option of a mild or stainless steel rotary packing table, depending on your requirements, both models are fitted with a stainless steel top as standard.

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