Are you looking for an affordable big bag filling solution that offers automatic operation and is gentle on crop? Tong’s SoloFill big bag filler could be just what you need. Manufactured as a single or twin machine, this bag filler is suitable for all throughputs.

Designed to ensure gentle big bag filling, the SoloFill features a flighted belt elevator, which carefully delivers crop to a powered cascade. Big bags are placed onto the bag filler’s elasticated handle holders, and the cascade is then manually lowered into the bottom of the big bag. As the big bag fills, the crop sensor automatically lifts the cascade, ensuring a continuous flow of crop, with minimal drop. The crop sensor automatically stops the feed of crop once the bag is full.


Ideal for use on a wide range of crop from filling potatoes and carrots, to onions and swede, the SoloFill big bag filling machine is most commonly used for filling big bags. However, a model for filling boxes is available, which features a swivel base and caster wheels, allowing the filler to traverse over the boxes, minimising box changeover.

Standard models bag fillers are available with a choice of a 500mm or 600mm wide cascade and a twin model for higher capacities is also available.




Featuring a uniquely designed, rubber powered cascade, crop gently cascades down a series of closely positioned chutes, into the big bag. When filling the bag, the cascade is automatically controlled via a sensor, ensuring crop is always placed into the bag with minimal drop. Standard models are available with a choice of a 500mm or 600mm wide cascade.



The SoloFIll is manufactured with an infeed flighted elevator to carefully raise crop up to the powered cascade, ensuring the gentlest handling at all times.



Cascade Filling

Featuring a uniquely designed, rubber powered cascade through the bag filler, crop gently cascades down a series of closely positioned chutes, into the big bag.


500mm or 600mm wide

The SoloFill is available with the choice of a 500mm or 600mm wide powered cascade. The cascade is also available as a stand-alone big bag filler without the infeed elevator.


Single or Twin

Built to suit your exact requirements, the SoloFIll is available as a single or twin elevator and cascade machine, for gentle filling of 1 ton big bags, up to 20 tonnes per hour.

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