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Our most efficient grader ever – the Caretaker

Tong Caretaker Grader Potato Carrot Onion Grading

Tong is pleased to integrate new generation blue inverter technology and integrated HMI control to its 2013 Caretaker grader range.

Using over 50% less energy than previous models and tests showing that the latest models can run on as little as only 18 amps of electricity, the new Caretaker mobile vegetable grader will feature electric inverter drives on each shaft, ensuring exact energy delivery and power on demand.

With the latest technology

With the need to alter variable speed motors to cope with differing loads and demands, the blue inverter technology ensures that the variable speed motors only pull the necessary amount of power needed at that time, meaning minimal energy consumption for the required load.

Operations director at Tong, Edward Tong, commented: “We know that it is a challenging time for farmers, so we wanted to create our most efficient grader ever, guaranteeing low running costs.

“We’re sure that our new Caretaker with integrated blue inverter technology will work in a really effective way, by ensuring minimal energy consumption at all times, it won’t use excess energy, which is so often the case with standard mechanical drive.

“Teamed with the integration of Tong’s Auto-Touch HMI Control screens, the new Caretaker offers users complete flexibility to quickly and easily change the EasyClean separator to suit different crop types and handling conditions. The HMI also allows remote diagnostics, significantly reducing costs and downtime.”