With Inverter Direct Drive motors on every shaft, the Easy Clean Separator offers unrivalled crop cleaning at the touch of a button.

With Tong’s full-electric Blue-Inverter technology control and a proven track record of exceptional crop cleaning results, the latest model of vegetable cleaning machine, the EasyClean II, is an even more refined, cartridge-style separator.

With a new auto-reject function for removal of foreign objects and the capability to be even more finely tuned. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer the most effective separator on the market with the Easy Clean II.


Back in 2006, Tong introduced a new generation of cleaning separator to the grading market which revolutionised crop cleaning in all crop and soil conditions. Making Tong’s Caretaker the number one selling mobile grader on the market.

Over the years we have gained invaluable experience in working with separators like the Easy Clean II we are proud to offer today. This has given us the knowledge to improve and refine the design and control of the Easy Clean separator, to provide unparalleled cleaning results, ensuring the Caretaker continues to lead the way.

Available as a 4-row or 6-row machine, in standard widths of 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m and 2.4m, the Easy Clean is capable of effectively cleaning up to 80 tonnes of crop per hour.

With the very best design and the most intelligent control, you can be sure when you choose the Easy Clean, you will be using the most proven and advanced cleaner separator on the market.


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The Easy Clean features Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology with an electric direct drive motor on every shaft, offering the very best energy efficiency as well as refined control of each shaft for optimum cleaning results. As the first separator to have full electric inverter direct drive on every shaft, the Easy Clean remains the most efficient crop cleaner on the market.



All Easy Clean separating systems come with the option of the latest technology HMI touch screen controls. In order to achieve the very best control of crop cleaning in all conditions, touch screen control offers customers a simplified ‘touch of a button’ means of setting the machine to suit different crop cleaning requirements. Users can select crop conditions such as ‘Wet’ or ‘Dry’ and crop type from the display menu, setting the machine to automatically change the speed, position and direction of the cleaning rollers at the touch of a button. This makes setting the separator for different loads exceptionally quick and easy.
And now, Tong’s proven Auto-Touch HMI touch screen control is even more advanced than ever, with the added option of a unique and advanced Pro-Control Interface that facilitates a number of impressive and very useful features. These new Pro-Series features make the HMI control, even more, user friendly whilst offering enhanced control as well as reduced maintenance and downtime. The new Pro-Series features leave you feeling quite literally empowered at the touch of a button! With advanced diagnostic capabilities including a machine health status report plus fault detection and precise location information on inverter faults and E-Stop alerts, the Pro-Series advancements are leading the way in equipment control.



The Easy Clean II is built with uprated heavy duty spiral shafts with unique Helix rib and axial air chamber, ensuring the best deformation of the spiral for effective self-cleaning and the best possible grip on leaf matter.



All new Easy Clean separators are built to a cartridge-style design for easy interchange with other cleaning units, and simple removal for service and maintenance.



The Easy Clean separator is fitted with a fine water spray bar above the cleaning rollers, giving a fully-controlled option to spray the crop with a fine jet of water to enhance the cleaning process in dry conditions.



In All Conditions

The Easy Clean offers truly unmatched crop cleaning performance and control, with exceptional results in wet and dry conditions.


On All Crop

Whilst offering unrivalled soil, clod and leaf-matter removal, the Easy Clean is designed to offer the best separating results whilst being gentle on the crop.


Up To 80 tph

Built to perform under the most demanding cleaning and grading situations, the Easy Clean can effectively clean up to 80 tonnes of crop per hour.

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