By carolemetcalfe

Grading screen changing made Easy!

EasyGrade Vegetable Screen Grading | Tong Engineering

Tong, the UK’s leading manufacturer of vegetable handling machinery, has taken screen grading technology to the next level with the launch of a new option on all models of its market leading EasyGrade screen grading modules, designed to increase efficiency and minimise downtime for farms and pack houses.

The new and unique EasyChange function can cut switchover times when changing screens by two thirds – resulting in significantly less downtime for screen changes, allowing users to achieve higher throughputs in order to meet customer demands.

Unlike standard screen grading modules, which require screens to be manually changed, the EasyChange function allows screen changing to be carried out mechanically, at the touch of a button, thanks to a new electrical winding mechanism and a joining bar.

The joining bar allows the user to easily join the current and replacement screens together ready for the winding mechanism to swiftly change the screens. Where standard grading modules require the screen change to be done manually, with the EasyChange function, all the user is required to do is adjoin the two screens. At the touch of a button, the screen is then changed mechanically and tension applied.

Using the power from the grading module, the preceding screens can then be quickly and easily rolled up and stored with the help of the new Screen Caddy that the user is supplied with as part of this new option. The whole process can be carried out in just five minutes.

Family-run for four generations, Tong has been supplying screen grading machinery to farmers and pack houses for more than 80 years.

Over the years elements of the EasyGrade screen grading modules have evolved, with the addition of anti-cut technology, full-width agitation, Blue Inverter technology and Auto-Touch HMI control, the principle design of Tong’s EasyGrade screen grading units has remained relatively unchanged, thanks to their reliability and durability. Now with the addition of the EasyChange function Tong has taken grading screen technology to the next level

Charles Tong, managing director at Tong, said: “At Tong we’re always looking for ways to utilise the latest technology in our products to improve efficiency for customers and the EasyChange does just that.

“A traditional screen switchover takes between 10 to 15 minutes, a process which can be necessary several times per day. The EasyChange function reduces that time to just five minutes, whilst significantly reducing manual requirements in the process, improving health and safety as well as saving time.

“In keeping with Tong’s proud engineering history, the EasyChange has been developed out of the ambition that drives every part of our business – to help make vegetable handling and processing simpler, more efficient and more profitable for our customers.

“Increasing throughputs on grading lines and reducing downtime are high up on every business’ priority list, along with ensuring that health and safety requirements are being met. This latest development helps them to better achieve all three.”

The EasyChange is available now and can be fitted on to new customer orders or retrofitted to many existing processing lines.