By carolemetcalfe

Tong announces broader vegetable processing portfolio through partnership with Marcelissen

Tong Potato Processing Vegetable Soaking Dip Tank

Tong Engineering has announced a new range of vegetable processing equipment, to be added to the company’s existing portfolio of processing machinery. The addition of specialist processing equipment is the latest development to the company’s product range, following their partnership with Netherlands-based food processing equipment manufacturer, Marcelissen.

The new range of equipment will enable Tong to integrate additional processes within its vegetable handling lines, including crop peeling, cutting and slicing, as well as slither removal and optical grading of peeled product.

“With the prepared produce market continuing to experience growth in-line with ongoing consumer trends towards convenience products, Tong has seen an increase in demand for turnkey vegetable peeling and processing installations,” explained Charles Tong, Chairman at Tong Engineering. “With this in mind, we made the decision to identify a reliable partner who could offer us a broader range of equipment specifically designed for the peeling and processing sector.”

“Marcelissen were a natural choice for us as we have worked with their peeling and processing equipment previously, and are now very pleased to be appointed UK distributor of their highly-respected machines,” added Charles. “From a range of vegetable peelers, to cutting machines, slither removers and optical grading equipment designed specifically for peeled crop, the new additions to our existing vegetable processing range will bring our customers even more processing options when they choose Tong.”

“Built to the highest standards, our equipment ensures the highest yields for customers, with minimal waste and exceptionally low maintenance,” said Bob Treuen, Sales Manager at Marcelissen. “What’s more, our peelers not only enhance the finished appearance of crop, but also help to double or even triple product shelf life.”

The vegetable peelers are suitable for use on a wide range of crop including potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips and more. The company’s drum roller peeler gives customers a perfectly round peeled finish with minimal waste. Finished quality is controlled and fine-tuned within the machine’s controls, where peeling time, peeling intensity and rotation settings can be adjusted for the best possible results. Another popular peeling option is the knife peeler, which gives a high quality hand-peeled finish, making the peeled crop look more authentic.

“As well as reliable peeling equipment, we are happy to offer vegetable cutting machinery that keeps apace with today’s prepared produce requirements,” said Charles. “Dicing, slicing and stick-cutting is increasingly popular, and Marcelissen offers a number of vegetable cutters that suit a wide variety of throughput requirements. From high capacity hydro cutters, to 3D cutters and belt slicing machines, there is a cutting machine to suit all types of vegetables.”

Removing ‘slither’ from crop after processing helps to ensure crop is in optimum condition prior to packing and the company’s slither removers are capable of effectively processing up to 20 tonnes of crop per hour.

“We are well known for our grading expertise, and Marcelissen’s optical grader for peeled product, which sorts crop on size, quality and shape, will complete our grading capabilities in all crop situations, from dirty through to peeled,” added Charles. “We very much look forward to offering our vegetable processing customers an even wider product range that adds value to their crop.”