Vegetable Processing Equipment

Tong’s extensive range of potato & vegetable processing equipment will help to increase the efficiency of your vegetable packhouse-line in no time at all. We engineer everything from fruit & vegetable hydrocoolers, to onion processing lines and broccoli trimmers, which can both be integrated with rotary packing tables to package the finished product. Tong have all the equipment you will need to complete your vegetable processing line.

Intelligent vegetable processing controls

Removing the need for extensive manual labour, Tong’s processing equipment has the very latest automation technology. This includes HMI touch screen intelligent controls for ease and safety. Designed to reach a wide range of needs from removing sliver, peeling vegetables to packaging. There isn’t a vegetable processing issue which our equipment cannot solve.

Are you looking to improve both the safety and efficiency of your vegetable handling? Get in touch with our experienced potato processing engineers today.

  • Potato processing
  • Carrot processing
  • Crop processing
  • Onion processing
  • Parsnip processing
  • Swede processing
  • Brussel Sprout processing
  • Broccoli processing