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Next Generation Polishing

Tong TPS-Pro Next Generation Polishing - Potato Grading & Washing

As part of Tong’s commitment to supplying growers and packers with an advanced range of crop handling equipment, designed with latest technology and minimal maintenance in mind, Tong’s latest offering to the market, the TPS-Pro Vegetable Polisher, has attracted a great deal of interest since its launch, marked by demonstrations during our Open Week back in July 2013. Here, Charles Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering, answers some of the hottest questions from on the polisher, clarifying why it really is the next generation polishing all about…

What makes the TPS-Pro polisher different to others on the market?

Generally, the crop quality and finish offered by current polishers on the market is very similar, however, it is the way that the polishers are driven, and their subsequent maintenance requirements and throughput capabilities that see the biggest differences, and this is where growers and packers can look to the latest advancements to ensure reliability, minimal maintenance requirements and ultimately reduced costs. Typically, polishers have been driven with pulleys and drive belts, and some even have a motor on every shaft, however, the potentially corrosive environments normally associated with polishing have meant significant maintenance requirements to ensure any reasonable lifespan for those polishers currently available on the market.

What makes the TPS-Pro Vegetable Polisher different, and ultimately, virtually maintenance-free, is the fact that it has electric direct drive motors INSIDE every shaft. Therefore, these unique internally sealed motors, which are completely contained in their own high temperature resistant, food-grade oil baths, mean there are no external bearing, drive or motor arrangements which are normally exposed to the elements associated with polishing. Not only that, as the motors are completely immersed in their own oil baths, they are continuously and entirely lubricated, regardless of position or angle. This ultimately ensures longevity, reliability and incredibly minimal maintenance requirements of not only the motors, but subsequently the TPS Pro-Polisher itself.

On top of this, the motor design inside every shaft, ensures consistent performance and power to the polisher brush shafts, even under the demands of large loads and throughputs.

Are there any other quality features to the TPS-Pro Polisher?

Yes, the TPS-Pro Polisher is engineered to very high standards, with heavy duty stainless steel construction and gold-plated electrical contact points for optimum longevity and efficiency. It really is built to ensure reliable performance for many years. Not only that, the polisher is fitted with a water spray bar for an even better quality finish to crop, and it can be specified with an optional air bag system and water recycling system, for even better polished finish.

Is the TPS-Pro Polisher proven?

Yes, although the TPS-Pro Polisher is new to the Tong packhouse range, the German-engineered machine is proven, with many years of incredibly low maintenance polishing under the most demanding environments within some of the largest food processing plants in Europe.

What capacities can the TPS-Pro Polisher handle?

The TPS-Pro Polisher is available in 3 models, offering throughputs from 10 tonnes per hour up to 30 tonnes per hour, depending on requirements.

What crop is the TPS-Pro Polisher suitable for?

The TPS-Pro Polisher is suitable for effective polishing of a wide range of root crop and is most commonly used on potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, swedes and beetroot.

Does the TPS-Pro polisher come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 2 year warranty on the machine for ultimate peace of mind.