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Team Tong Spotlight with Nick Woodcock

Nick Woodcock Tong Engineering

The friendly and forward-thinking culture here at Tong Engineering is fuelled by the talented and experienced people we are proud to have as part of our workforce. We thrive on the commitment we share together at Tong; where it’s not just a job, it’s a shared passion to achieve the best for our company and our customers.

As part of our new Spotlight blog feature, we’ll be grabbing 15 minutes with a valued member of team Tong, finding out about different team members across various departments, highlighting the invaluable role they play in ensuring we build relationships and equipment that lasts for generations to come.

So, first-up we have Nick Woodcock, a somewhat familiar face of the company. Nick’s passion lies in taking the sweat out of vegetable grading, so he is normally found talking to customers who are in the market for our industry leading Caretaker mobile grader and associated equipment. However, like Tong, Nick is always looking outside the box, and does deal with many customers throughout the UK on projects covering all aspects of vegetable handling, from box handling solutions, to complete grading and washing lines.

Job Role: Sales Manager

Number of years worked at Tong: 10 years… Not enough to retire!

What does your day-to-day at Tong involve? Speaking with and visiting customers throughout the England, Scotland and Wales to discuss their handling equipment requirements and spreading the word on why they should choose Tong. When I am in the office, I work closely with our Sales Design team to develop solutions that meet our customer’s every need… some more challenging than others, but we always get there!

Describe Tong in 3 words: Best of British

What makes you proud to work at Tong? The customer always comes first.

What’s your favourite project you have worked on at Tong? I have worked on some very interesting projects during my time at Tong, it’s difficult to choose a favourite but I think it would have to be the potato grading line which included 15 EasyGrade screen modules and every possible grading combination you could dream of, for Produce World.

What’s the best thing you have learned on the job? Always listen to what the customer wants!

If you weren’t living your dream at Tong, what would your dream job be?! Teaching Golf

Do you have any secret talents or hobbies? Golf, of course! And, I love working with wood (quite ironic considering my surname!)

What’s your favourite vegetable? Ha ha… got to be potato!

Finally, let’s get some pictures of you at work…

Nick Woodcock Tong Engineering

No, at work!!!…

Nick Woodcock Tong Engineering Sales Manager

Nick Woodcock Tong Engineering Sales Manager