Vegetable Washing

Are you looking for a vegetable washing machine, optimised for potatoes, carrots, parsnips or swede, or perhaps a vegetable polisher? To give optimum finished results and an added crop value? Then look no further than Tong Engineering. We design vegetable washing equipment to meet your exact requirements.

Tong Engineering specialises in vegetable barrel washers which offer optimum performance and are the ideal crop washing solution for all types of crop.

With vegetable washer expertise dating back to the 1930s, we offer expertly designed washing equipment which has been perfected based on our customers needs. Providing efficient, yet gentle handling of a wide variety of crop. From robust and reliable barrel washers, to virtually maintenance-free vegetable polishers, sponge vegetable driers and vegetable destoners. Our range of custom-built vegetable equipment offers the complete solution to your crop washing needs.


Our expert engineers have many years of experience in designing complete packhouse washing facilities, to small-scale vegetable washing equipment. All designed and manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK, bespoke to your individual requirements.

Here at Tong we take the time to fully understand your washing requirements, in order to provide the best solution. Our range of barrel washers ensures the gentlest, efficient crop handling.

  • Vegetable washing
  • Crop washing
  • Potato washing
  • Carrot washing
  • Onion washing
  • Parsnip washing
  • Swede washing
  • Brussel sprout washing
  • Broccoli washing