By carolemetcalfe

Tong’s new FieldLoad Pro lightens the load at Poskitts

Tong's New FieldLoad PRO - In-field Cleaning and Loading, Potatoes, Parsnips, carrots and Vegetable M H Poskitt Ltd

The first of Tong Engineering’s latest Fieldloader machine, the FieldLoad PRO, is proving to bring a dramatic reduction in loading times at one of the UK’s larger vegetable producers and processors; M H Poskitt Ltd.

Better known as Poskitts, the family-owned farming business based in Goole, East Yorkshire, was the first to receive delivery of the new FieldLoad PRO machine in September, after it was launched in January 2019 as part of Tong’s ongoing product development programme.

“The new FieldLoad Pro was launched at the beginning of the year, as a next-generation machine based on our proven Fieldloader that we have manufactured for several years,” says Edward Tong, Managing Director at Tong Engineering. “Our product development programme focuses on equipment advances that ensure Tong equipment continues to meet industry requirements and market demands as they evolve, and the new FieldLoad PRO is the perfect example of that,” said Edward.

“The emphasis from growers on reducing ‘crop miles’ and soil on the roads continues to be a fundamental element when specifying new grading equipment,” explains Edward. “In addition, changes in contract specifications for many growers has meant that loading crop straight into bulker lorries at the field-side is an increasingly desirable way of doing things. And this is where we have seen great demand for the new FieldLoad PRO machine since its launch.”

New FieldLoad Pro Features

At approximately 15 metres long in transport mode, the self-contained FieldLoad PRO configured for M H Poskitt Ltd features a high capacity reception hopper feeding Tong’s 6 Row EasyClean separator, renowned for its unrivalled cleaning capabilities in all conditions, on all crop types. After crop has passed over the EasyClean, it is gently transferred to Tong’s adjustable PU spiral sizing unit with high-speed self-cleaning function, for effective removal of smalls.  An insulated 4-man inspection cabin houses the machine’s intelligent Auto-Touch HMI touch-screen control unit and completes the system, before crop transfers to Tong’s new-style slewing and foldable 1.3m wide cart elevator for high capacity loading. Fast and even lorry loading is achieved by Tong’s advanced WI-FI operated touch-screen remote control, ensuring gentle transfer of crop into the bulker trailer. The new machine also comes complete with road-going lights, suspension, brakes and a super-silent onboard generator which provides power efficiency for in-field operation, which can be bypassed for mains power when operating on-farm.

“We already operate a Tong Fieldloader which has proved to be very reliable across the multiple sites where it is used,” says Guy Poskitt, Managing Director at M H Poskitt Ltd. “We have worked with Tong for many years and the advances in their equipment, backed up by their dedicated sales, installation and aftersales support team means I can always be sure of maximum performance and minimal downtime,” said Mr Poskitt. “With increased contract demands we needed a second field-loading machine, and I’m pleased to say that within the first few hours of running Tong’s FieldLoad PRO, we could see the efficiencies that the new system will bring.”

Jamie Gutteridge, Farm Manager at M H Poskitt Ltd commented; “We are very impressed with the new machine, which has replaced an old system that featured a grader and supplementary loading elevators. Compared to that old system, the FieldLoad PRO has reduced our lorry loading times by at least half. The machine is also versatile across all our main root crops; we’ve already used it to load potatoes, carrots and parsnips in one day, with excellent cleaning results. The Auto-Touch HMI control from Tong makes any adjustments for each crop type exceptionally quick and easy; we simply select from pre-programmed settings and the machine automatically adjusts, it’s so simple. Another huge benefit is that the FieldLoad PRO is fully transportable by tractor, and in less than 10 minutes we can have it completely folded into transport mode and ready to move on from field to field.”

The FieldLoad PRO at M H Poskitt Ltd is the first of several orders for the machine in 2019. “Just two weeks after delivery of the first new FieldLoad PRO to M H Poskitts Ltd in Yorkshire, we loaded a second FieldLoad PRO machine for another UK grower,” added Edward. “This next generation machine has been designed to give growers the most advanced and versatile in-field cleaning and loading powerhouse, and we are very pleased that it is already proving to bring great efficiencies to growers.”

To see the new FieldLoad PRO in action at M H Poskitts Ltd, watch the video below.