The Tong Fieldloader is versatile for use on potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, bulbs and more. It is capable of efficiently handling a wide range of throughputs up to 100 tonnes per hour, and is, therefore, the ideal potato & onion grading machine. Manufactured bespoke to your requirements.


The newly designed Fieldloader offers all the efficiencies and savings, just like with Tong’s flagship grader, the Caretaker mobile vegetable grader. With the added benefit of allowing growers to clean and inspect crop straight from the harvester, as well as loading directly into bulker lorries for onward travel and processing. The Fieldloader has been proven to lighten the load for many vegetable producers and processors.

Vegetable Handling Equipment

Tong’s Fieldloader has been designed with ultimate convenience in mind, offering a single self-contained mobile unit, making multi-site and in-field cleaning & handling quicker and easier than ever before. Incorporating an infeed hopper, cleaner, roller inspection table and extending elevator, all on one heavy-duty road-going chassis.

The Fieldloader features remote controls to the Tong EasyLoad extending elevator. With all the latest technical advancements, this potato & onion Vegetable Handling Equipment really is the next generation. Efficient and reliable in-field crop cleaning and loading.



Blue Inverter Technology

Blue Inverter Technology

All Tong Fieldloaders are built with Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology, offering the very best energy efficiency. With all electric Inverter Variable Speed Drive, providing exceptional energy savings of over 50% in comparison to similar machines with a standard mechanical drive.

Auto-Touch HMI Control

Auto-Touch HMI Control

When specified with an EasyClean separating system, the Fieldloader is available with the option of the latest technology HMI touch screen controls. In order to achieve the very best control of crop cleaning in all conditions, touch screen control offers customers a simplified ‘touch of a button’. Meaning that the machine can be easily set to suit different crop cleaning requirements. Users can select crop conditions such as ‘Wet’ or ‘Dry’ and crop type from the display menu. Setting the machine to automatically change the speed, position and direction of the cleaning rollers at the touch of a button. This makes setting the separator for different loads exceptionally quick and easy.
And now, Tong’s proven Auto-Touch HMI touch screen control is even more advanced than ever. With the added option of a unique and advanced Pro-Control Interface that facilitates a number of impressive and very useful features. These new Pro-Series features make the HMI control even more user friendly. Whilst offering enhanced control as well as reduced maintenance and downtime. The new Pro-Series features leave you feeling quite literally empowered at the touch of a button! With advanced diagnostic capabilities including a machine health status report, plus fault detection and precise location information on inverter faults and E-Stop alerts. The Pro-Series advancements are leading the way in equipment control.

EasyClean II Separator

EasyClean II Separator

Tong’s market leading EasyClean separator offers truly unmatched crop cleaning performance and control. With Inverter Direct Drive motors on every shaft the EasyClean has full electric Blue-Inverter technology control, with a proven track record of exceptional crop cleaning results. When specified with an EasyClean separating system, the Fieldloader is fitted with an even more refined, cartridge-style model, the EasyClean II. Complete with a new auto-reject function for removal of foreign objects, as well as the capability to be even more finely tuned. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer the most effective separator on the market with the EasyClean II.

EasyLoad Extending Elevator

EasyLoad Extending Elevator

The flagship elevator from Tong’s mobile elevating range, the EasyLoad extending elevator handles crop gently and efficiently with a throughput of up to 100 tonnes per hour. Designed for loading crop into store of bulker lorries, the EasyLoad is available in two models with a 600mm or a 900mm wide belt. With an automatic slewing platform which is integrated within the Fieldloader design, the EasyLoad ensures crop is evenly distributed across the trailer. The ‘safedown’ attachment at the end of the elevator lowers into the bulker or box, reducing the drop during the early stages of loading and offer the gentlest handling.

Adjustable Coil Cleaner

Adjustable Coil Cleaner

Manufactured in a choice of polyurethane (PU) or Steel coil rollers, the Tong adjustable coil cleaner can be specified as your chosen cleaner separator in the Fieldloader. Designed as an efficient cleaning system suitable for light soil conditions, the Tong adjustable coil cleaner can also be fitted after a Tong EasyClean separator, for sizing out smaller crop between 15mm to 55mm. Built with 4, 6 or 8 rows of easily adjustable centre spiral coils/rollers, the coil cleaner is gentle on crop whilst effectively removing loose soil, small stones and clod from crop.

Star Cleaner

Star Cleaner

The Tong star cleaner features 4, 6 or 8 rows of 14 or 18 fingered polyurethane (PU) stars. It can be specified as your chosen cleaner in the Fieldloader. The star cleaner is ideal for light soil conditions, offering gentle and efficient soil, clod and stone removal. It can also be fitted with a VertiCam system for improved self-cleaning of stars.

Heavy Duty Hopper Construction

Heavy Duty Hopper Construction

With heavy duty steel gauge design consisting of chain and lathe construction, and heavy duty 4 inch pitch chains with a dual driven shaft, the Fieldloader hopper offers the very best quality and reliability, with a total maximum strain of 64 ton. Built with the option of a heavy duty reinforced EP250 rubber chevron belt, complete with vulcanised V cleats or a heavy duty PVC pocket belt. You can be sure that the Tong hoppers will stand up to demands for years to come.

Double strength PVG belts

Double strength PVG belts

All Fieldloaders are built using the most heavy duty conveyors, with double strength PVG belts that meet the most demanding conditions.



50% Less

The new Fieldloader is exceptionally energy efficient, featuring Tong’s all electric Blue Inverter Technology drive.


1.8 to 2.4m wide

With a range of standard widths and models, the Fieldloader can be built to your exact specification to suit your crop and throughput requirements.


Up to 100 tph

Built to perform under the most demanding grading situations, the Fieldloader can effectively handle up to 100 tonnes of crop per hour.

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