By carolemetcalfe

Tong introduces new polishing equipment updates

Tong TPS-ProPolisher & Next Generation Barrel Washer Vegetable Polishing Washing

As part of the company’s ongoing development programme, Tong Engineering has unveiled several updates to its range of vegetable polishing equipment.

“As a supplier to the food industry we have been fortunate that demand for advanced and automated vegetable handling equipment has continued to strengthen,” explains Simon Lee, Sales Manager at Tong Engineering. “With this in mind, our product development team not only focus on designing and introducing new equipment to the market, but they are also committed to developing our existing machinery. Updating our vegetable polishers is the latest phase of this continuous development strategy.”

Originally introduced to the market in 2012, the TPS-Pro polisher features an electric direct-drive motor inside every brush shaft. The machine’s low-maintenance design uses the highest quality components, providing exceptional longevity, labour efficiency and superior polishing results.

The latest model of the TPS-Pro polisher has been carefully fine-tuned for 2021 resulting in a more refined design that maximises performance and makes maintenance even easier.

Manufactured in a 14 brush model featuring a 3m long x 800mm barrel, as well as an 18 brush model featuring a 3m long x 1050mm barrel, the TPS-Pro polisher is suitable for effective polishing of root crops including potatoes, carrot and parsnips, providing outputs of between 15-30 tonnes per hour.

For lower throughputs of up to 10 tonnes per hour, Tong’s popular U-Brush polisher is a favourite amongst smaller packers who require a reliable, low-maintenance machine that provides a high-value polished finish, but at a lower cost.

The U-Brush polisher has also been updated for 2021 to increase the machine’s capacity. Besides being a very economical machine, one of the unique features of the U-Brush polisher is its internal bypass system which allows operators to effectively bypass the polisher in instances where the polishing process is not required.

“Our range of vegetable polishers accommodates the throughput requirements of both the largest vegetable processors and smaller fresh-pack companies and we are very much dedicated to providing the complete handling solution at all capacities,” added Simon.

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