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infeed hoppers | Tong Engineering


With over 90 years of engineering experience, Tong offers unrivalled expertise in building the highest quality, robust and reliable infeed hoppers. Custom-built to perform in the most demanding environments, Tong vegetable hopper solutions are designed to offer ultimate longevity, featuring the heaviest duty drive systems and world-class components.

Manufactured to suit your exact product, capacity and throughput requirements, however large or small, when you choose a Tong hopper you can be sure of a dependable crop receiving and infeed system that can handle almost any material, in any situation.



Tong infeed hoppers ensure exceptionally gentle handling of crop. With heavy duty construction yet carefully designed infeed and transfer points, Tong hoppers offer high throughputs yet minimal impact on crop.


1.2M TO 2.4M WIDE

Manufactured in a wide range of widths as standard from 1.2 to 2.4m wide, Tong hoppers can be designed to suit your exact requirements, however large or small.



Suitable for outdoor dirty crop handling situations, or high-care crop packing environments, Tong hoppers can be built in mild or stainless steel construction to suit your application.

Infeed hoppers | Tong Engineering


Whether you are looking for a high capacity hopper for gentle reception of potatoes, carrots or onions, or a heavy duty hopper for handling bulk materials, Tong’s team of experienced engineers are dedicated to working closely with clients to design a solution that fits every requirement.

From stainless steel wet hoppers at the infeed of high-care packing lines, to heavy duty vegetable hoppers and high capacity bulk handling hoppers, choose Tong for the highest quality, UK manufactured infeed hoppers that will provide dependable performance for years to come.




All Tong hoppers feature Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology inverter direct drive motors which run on 87 Hz variable speed, offering over 50% less power consumption.

Infeed Hoppers | Tong Engineering UK


Tong hoppers are built upon a heavy duty steel gauge design, consisting of chain and lathe construction. Featuring heavy duty 4” pitch chains as standard, with dual driven drive shaft, Tong infeed hoppers offer a total maximum strain of 64 ton. What’s more, hoppers wider than 1800mm are constructed with a central runner fitted to the hopper chassis, offering additional, robust support to the hopper lathes.


Tong hopper belts are built using heavy duty reinforced EP250 rubber chevron belting with vulcanised V cleats. They can also be specified with a heavy duty PVC pocket belt, depending on your requirements. The thick reinforced chevrons ensure effective emptying of the hopper as well as minimal rollback of product for the gentlest handling.


Tong sources its equipment components from some of the world’s best renowned suppliers for quality, reliability and innovation. Including motors from SEW, Lenze and Motovario, rollers and drum motors from Interroll, bearings from RHP and SKF, and electrics from Eaton Moeller and Omron

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


Tong infeed hoppers are lined with rubber ‘soft-landing’ at the infeed section for the gentlest receiving and handling of crop.

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


All Tong infeed hoppers can be specified as a completely mobile hopper unit. Built upon a heavy duty chassis with robust 12.5 x 18 road wheels and removable heavy duty tow bar if required.


Tong’s rear infeed hoppers offer the perfect hopper solution for intake of product from bulker lorries, trailers or similar. Fitted with flexible rubber seals, Tong’s end feeding hoppers create a seal between the hopper and the trailer during product transfer, to ensure no spillage. With a standard rear entry width of 3.1m, the Tong end tipping hopper can be manufactured with a choice of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm wide belts, depending on your throughput requirements.

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


Tong offers a range side tipping reception hoppers which are designed to receive product from bulker lorries, trailers and tipping buckets from the side, rather than the end. These side infeed hoppers are commonly specified where side tipping trailers are being used to feed crop. Or similarly, when a box or bag tipper is in place to feed crop into the hopper.

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


Also referred to as a ‘rise and fall’ hopper, Tong manufactures a range of even flow hoppers. Designed to offer a controlled ‘buffer’ holding capacity at the infeed of the handling line, ensuring a continuous and steady flow of crop at all times. Ideal in situations where the vegetable handling line requires a constant feed of crop, the even flow hopper is often used when feeding specialist weighing and packing equipment. Offering maximum flexibility and throughput. The conveyor in the hopper starts in an ‘up’ position, and as it is fed, the conveyor lowers to create the holding capacity. Once the conveyor starts moving, the belt rises to feed crop onto the line. The even flow hopper is integrated with the vegetable handling line’s controls, and a sensor controls the infeed to the line as it is required. Maintaining a continuous feed of crop.


Tong offers a custom built hopper solution to suit all handling requirements, including high capacity infeed hoppers to feed bulk materials safely and effectively. Whatever your handling need, Tong can design a hopper that will perform in the most demanding situations with high capacities and heavy duty operation.

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


Tong wet hoppers ensure an exceptionally gentle reception of crop at high throughputs. Suitable for the infeed of dirty or clean vegetables including potatoes, carrots, parsnips, swedes and more. Tong wet hoppers receive crop carefully and transfer it onto an outfeed web elevator where crop is drained as it exits the hopper. Wet infeed hoppers are popularly specified in packhouse environments as the presence of water means that excess debris, soil and sand separates from the crop within the hopper. Giving the crop a light soaking action, which can be enhanced when crop is left to ‘soak’ in the tank for longer dwelling times. All debris from the crop is then easily removed from the tank via the wet hopper’s dump valves. With the option of an integrated tank auger for even more effective accumulation and removal of soil and debris.

Tong potato hoppers infeed intake


For situations where the hopper needs to be transported, often in areas where space is tight or narrow. Tong’s foldable side hopper offers robust design, with optimum mobility.

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