Flexible in its use for a wide range of crops including potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, celeriac, swedes and bulbs. The Tong Lift Roller Grader is manufactured based on grade band requirements and crop type, with the option of adjusting grade band settings to suit different crop varieties and sizes.

The lift roller grader is a popular choice for growers or packers handling crops which are not suited to screen grading, including carrots and parsnips in particular. The Lift Roller Grader offers accurate grading, with throughputs ranging from 5 to 40 tonnes per hour.


Tong’s Lift Roller Grader sizes crop by width/diameter using a series of forward moving vegetable grading rollers – one bed of fixed bottom rollers, and a top bed of height adjustable rollers. Every second roller is mounted in poly guide plates, which allows them to lift vertically to make a specified grade size.

Standard Lift Roller Grader models are available in in range of configurations from 1.2m wide, with 3 grade bands up to 2.4m wide with up to 6 grade bands. Other configurations can be custom built to suit your exact bulb grading requirements.

Available in mild or stainless steel construction, the Lift Roller Grader is extremely flexible and versatile. Making it one of Tong’s most popular vegetable grading machines, suitable for a wide range of crops.


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Blue Inverter Technology

Blue Inverter Technology

All Tong Lift Roller Graders are built with Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology, offering the very best energy efficiency and exceptional energy savings.

Auto-Touch HMI Control

Auto-Touch HMI Control

Now available as an option across Tong’s Lift Roller Grading range, Tong’s Auto-Touch HMI controls allow grade bands on the machine to be altered in seconds. At the touch of a screen! This intelligent control option significantly improves ease of use, as well as throughput volumes and handling speed. By simply removing the need for more time-consuming manual adjustments.
On standard models, changing of the grade bands is adjusting roller settings manually. The latest Auto-Touch HMI controls mean that at the touch of the button, roller settings can be changed instantly and automatically to make adjustments even easier for users. The HMI touch screen control unit can be set with pre-determined programs, each with a different combination of grade bands set to suit different crop and contract demands. With the option to select any one of the programs within seconds this allows users to switch between crop varieties and contracts within minutes. Offering huge savings in time, labour and costs.

Infeed Spreader Section

Infeed Spreader Section

A popular option on the Lift Roller Grader is an infeed spreader section of 6 rubber-covered rollers to that do exactly what the name suggests. They spread the crop evenly across the width of the grading machine! Driven via its own independent motor, the spreader section helps to achieve higher accuracy of grading. Particularly when operating under higher throughputs.

Flexible Grading

Flexible Grading

The Lift Roller Grader offers great flexibility with a wide choice of grade sizes to suit your specific needs. For carrots, parsnips or daffodil bulbs the Lift Roller Grader can be manufactured with varying grade size from 18mm to 88mm for potatoes and onions grade sizes normally range from 30mm to 110mm. Standard grade band length delivers crop onto 600mm wide grade conveyors with an option for extended bands for higher throughputs.



On all crops

Tong’s Lift Roller Grader offers gentle and accurate grading of a wide variety of crop, available with a wide choice of grade sizes.


18mm – 110mm grades

From 18mm on carrots, parsnips and bulbs up to 110mm on potatoes and onions, the Lift Roller Grader is built to suit your exact needs.


Up to 40 tph

Built to keep up with your grading demands, Tong Lift Roller Graders offer accurate grading of crop. With capacities up to 40 tonnes per hour.

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