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  • Custom-built vegetable grading systems
  • Designed to meet your exact requirements
  • A vegetable grading solution for all throughputs
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • Featuring the latest advancements & intelligent controls
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Tong is committed to providing the most efficient and technically advanced vegetable grading lines to growers and packers of all size in the UK and worldwide.

With over 90 years experience, Tong works closely with customers to determine their vegetable grading requirements and design a custom-built grading solution that meets each one.

Built with gentle handling, minimal maintenance, safety and ease of use in mind, you can rest assured that a vegetable grading line from Tong is manufactured to the highest standards, utilising production space and labour in the most efficient way.



Tong offers advanced and intelligent Auto-Touch HMI controls that will leave you quite literally empowered at the touch of a button!

Custom built

0.6 to 2.4m wide

Available in a range of standard widths, Tong vegetable grading lines can be designed to meet your exact grading needs. However big or small.

High Throughput

up to 30tph

Built to suit your grading demands, Tong’s grading lines are designed to efficiently and gently grade up to 30 tons of crop per hour.

Tong Onion Grading Sorting Sizing line (8)

The complete vegetable grading solution

Whether you are grading potatoes in Norfolk, grading carrots in Sweden or
grading onions in Australia, Tong’s expert engineers design custom-built
vegetable handling solutions that are second to none.


At Tong, we understand that gentle handling is your priority. And that’s good enough reason to make it our priority too.

All Tong equipment is designed with the gentlest handling in mind. From fine-tuning the speed and agitation of grading screens to suit different crop varieties, to designing a grading line that ensures crop is transferred smoothly and gently from one process to the next. You can be sure that Tong vegetable grading lines offer the gentlest possible handling with minimal impact. Allowing for maximum yield and the highest quality crop.





All Tong vegetable grading lines are built with Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology. Offering the very best energy efficiency with all electric Inverter Variable Speed Direct Drive. Significantly increasing energy savings and reduced running costs.


Tong’s latest vegetable grading lines are designed to operate with optimum power efficiency. Incorporating energy efficient power-saving modes which identify and shut-off any equipment that is not in use. This new feature does wonders for your green credentials, whilst reducing energy costs too!


With heavy duty design and build quality, Tong vegetable grading lines are really built to last. Manufactured with precision laser-cut steel, first class fabrication and world-renowned specialist exterior paint on all mild steel equipment. You can be sure that Tong handling equipment will stand up to demands for years to come.


The intelligent Diagnostics module provides users with continuous status monitoring. So in the event of an issue, the exact location is automatically pin-pointed, enabling quick and easy problem solving and resetting. Any such issues are shown visually on the touch-screen, allowing users of any level to see exactly where the problem has occurred. This feature significantly reduces downtime, removing the guess-work on machine trips and fault-finding.


The new Maintenance Schedule module allows the run-time of any machine component to be recorded in terms of running hours or calendar periods, indicating when any part may need to be maintained or changed. This makes any scheduled maintenance much more efficient. This new feature not only improves the efficiency of maintenance, but it also allows users to be more pro-active in their maintenance routines. Minimising wear and repair costs on your vegetable grading lines and saving time.

Tong Pro-series Safety


The Enhanced Safety module means that when any essential maintenance is required, the designated area can be isolated in a ‘safety-stopped’ condition, so that maintenance can be carried out safely. Whilst other parts of the machine can continue to run in a normal operational status. Again, keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum.



The new Pro-Series controls feature an advanced user module, allowing operators of all levels to access and control equipment, based on their level of training. This means users at standard levels are able to see visually, the machine’s status or diagnostics. In many cases this allows them to rectify and reset any alerts without the need for an engineer.

EasyGrade Screen Grading9


Tong has taken screen changing to the next level with the launch of a new option on all EasyGrade screen grading modules. Designed to increase efficiency and minimise downtime for operators. The new and unique EasyChange function can cut switchover times when changing screens by two thirds, resulting in significantly less downtime for screen changes. This allows users to achieve higher throughputs and meet customer demands.
With the EasyChange function, any grading screen changes can be carried out with a new level of speed and safety. Unlike standard screen grading modules, which require screens to be manually changed, the EasyChange function allows screen changing to be carried out mechanically, at the touch of a button. Thanks to a new electrical winding mechanism and a joining bar.

The whole process can be carried out in just five minutes, saving users time. Whilst significantly reducing manual requirements in the process as well as improving health and safety.

Tong potato vegetable grading lines


The latest Tong vegetable vegetable grading lines can be manufactured to incorporate illuminated box filling beacons when several box fillers are in use. Making it much quicker and easier for forklift drivers to see which boxes need to be changed next. This feature saves time, whilst improving the efficiency and throughput of Tong vegetable grading lines.

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