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Roller Inspection Tables

  • Mild and stainless steel vegetable inspection systems
  • Energy efficient LED lighting for maximum visibility
  • Stainless steel or PVC rollers as standard
  • Custom built to suit a range of crop types
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Brussel sprout vegetable roller inspection tables | Tong


Tong’s experience in manufacturing high-quality roller inspection tables ensures that a vegetable inspection system from Tong is second to none.

Featuring rotating rollers to gently turn produce for maximum visibility of crop defects, Tong roller inspection systems provide an effective way to remove defective and unwanted crop from processing lines prior to packing.

Built with 60mm diameter PVC rollers with a 10mm gap as standard, Tong roller inspection tables can also be specified with stainless steel rollers or fluted rollers which are often specified to further enhance crop rotation. Different sized rollers are also available for handling particularly small or large crop.

all environments

mild or stainless

Suitable for outdoor dirty crop handling situations, or high-care washed crop packing environments, Tong roller tables can be built in mild or stainless steel construction to suit your application and crop type.


efficient handling

Tong roller tables are designed with the gentlest handling in mind, with gently rotating rollers for effective crop rotation and maximum defect visibility.

custom built

0.6 to 1.2m wide

Manufactured in a wide range of widths as standard from 0.6 to 1.2m wide, Tong roller inspection tables can be manufactured to suit your exact needs, at widths and lengths that are right for you.

roller inspection table potato carrots (9)


Available in a range of standard widths from 0.6 to 1.2m wide and standard lengths including 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.6m long, Tong offers high quality, reliable crop inspection systems to suit all crop types and throughput requirements. Tong roller inspection tables can be specified as a stand-alone machine or integrated within a complete vegetable handling line.



Standard roller inspection tables are manufactured to suit standing operators, however, a sit and stand model is available giving operators the option to sit down whilst working. In this model, the inspection rollers are built to return at a low level with safety guards fitted, which allows operators to sit with their legs between the top and bottom rollers. This option is often specified when inspection is required at all times and operators are needed to inspect for long periods of time, allowing more comfortable operation.

potato roller inspection table (19)


For enhanced visibility on the inspection table, energy efficient LED lighting can be specified, improving user working conditions and inspection capabilities.

potato roller inspection table (19)


Available with a choice of speed functions, Tong’s roller tables are fitted with a fixed speed motor as standard. They can be specified with variable speed for added flexibility and control over crop flow.

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