Tong has been manufacturing forklift tipping skips as 1-ton skips or 2-ton skips for many years, very few vegetable grading & handling sites and farmyards survive without forklift skips!

Manufactured to the most robust design, Tong’s forklift tipping skips are built to last with heavy-duty construction ensuring performance in the most demanding situations. The innovative design, single lever action tips the skip to discharge contents, and it then automatically returns when forklift tines are tilted backwards. We manufacture a range of auto-roll skips, 1-ton skip, 2-ton skips, and stainless steel skips.

Forklift tipping skips

Suitable for use with most forklift skips, Tong’s tipping skips make light work of collecting waste, whether that be from packhouses, farmyards, grading lines, workshops or building sites. Once you have a Tong forklift tipping skip, you’ll have it for many years, and you might just wonder what you did without it before!

Your choice of skip certainly isn’t limited, meaning you can choose the right size for your needs. The larger the skip, the more storage required so if you only have a small packhouse or farmyard to work on, a 1-ton skip might be perfect for you. No matter what you use the skips for, as long as you operate safely, they are a simple yet effective way of collecting and removing waste from one area to another.





Tong’s Auto Roll Self Tipping Skip offers the ultimate skip solution when it comes to both safety and convenience.

Similar to our standard tipping skips that are built to be used as a forklift attachment with a self tip function, which tips the skip forward when the hold back device is released, Tong’s Auto Roll skips do practically the same job but tip automatically when a small amount of pressure is applied to the base of the skip. Completely removing any need to pull a tipping lever or get out of the forklift.
Designed with complete ease of use and safety in mind, these Auto Roll forklift skips are built to the same robust construction as our standard skips, but make keeping your premises, farmyards, packhouses and sites an even easier task!

When pressure is applied to the designated area at the bottom of the skip, the skip tips automatically. Once tipped, the skip returns back to its locked position with a simple tilt backwards of the forklift tines. Take a look at the video below and you will see just how well it works!
So, if you’re looking to update your skip waste systems, why not try a quick, easy, safe, convenient and reliable Auto Roll tipping skip from Tong.



Tong’s 1 ton self tip skip is ideal where the skip is required for use in tighter, more confined spaces. With dimensions of 0.95m high x 1.86m long x 1.05m wide at the widest point, the 1 ton skip has a 0.75 cubic metre capacity, 500 litre liquid capacity and weighs 250kg.



Tong’s 2 ton skips are the most popular model, giving twice the capacity of the one ton model at only slightly more cost. With dimensions of 1.01m high x 1.89m long x 1.57m wide at the widest point, the 2 ton skip has a 1.35 cubic metre capacity, 830 litre liquid capacity and weighs 300kg.



A popular choice for those handling highly corrosive waste materials or for use in food hygiene areas, Tong’s stainless steel skips can be built to your exact requirements or in either of the standard 1 ton skip or 2 ton skip designs.



Manufactured with rear entry access as standard, Tong’s self tip skips can be specified with the option of 3-way entry points so that the forklift can lift the skip not only from the rear but the sides too.



Built upon Tong’s trademark robust and reliable design, when you choose a Tong 1 ton skip or 2 ton skip you choose one that will perform and last for many years to come.



With over 85 years of engineering experience, Tong can manufacture a custom built self tipping skip to meet your exact specification. Just contact us to discuss your specific requirements further and we’ll be happy to help.



Waste Collection

Tong’s self tip skips are exceptionally quick and easy to manoeuvre, offering an ideal waste collection solution. The 1 ton skip and 2 ton skips are suitable for use in multiple areas of your premises.


1 or 2 ton skips

Manufactured in a choice of either a 1 ton skip or 2 ton skip model as standard, Tong’s self tipping skips can be built to suit your exact waste handling requirements.


Mild or Stainless Steel

Suitable for all waste handling requirements from outdoor waste collection to indoor waste handling requirements. Our range of skips are perfect for use with almost any waste material.

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