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Big Bag Bin

  • Versatile & gentle way to fill big bags
  • Holding capacity up to 1200KG
  • Ideal for use with EasyFill box filler to fill big bags
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Tong Big Bag Bin


Tong’s big bag bin forklift hoppers offer a simple and convenient solution for filling large vegetable ton bags and sacks, with a holding capacity of up to 1200kg and a simple manual handle for the ‘bomb door’ opening.

The big bag bin is filled very simply. The bag is hooked onto the bin’s arms then the door is manually opened to release crop into the bag. The big bag bin is then steadily lifted by its forklift tubes. As the big bag bin lifts, the bag fills close to the hopper, ensuring gentle handling of crop and minimal drop at all times.



gentle filling

Tong’s big bag bin offers an affordable yet gentle big bag filling solution where crop is carefully filled into bags by slowly lifting the bin for minimal drop.


simple design

Manufactured to a simple, robust and reliable design, Tong’s big bag bins offer effective filling of big bags to meet your intermittent big bag filling needs.

high capacity

up to 1200kg

With a capacity of up to 1200kg, Tong big bag bins are the ideal solution for filling one ton boxes and big bags in a gentle, efficient and affordable way.


Suitable for use with Tong EasyFill box fillers when big bags are required to meet contract demands instead of conventional vegetable boxes, the big bag bin, also referred to as a forklift hopper; offers a flexible bag filling solution for those looking to fill bags on a more occasional basis. Great to fulfil changing contract demands or customer needs.

Offering great value for money and an exceptionally simple yet effective big bag filling system, Tong’s forklift hoppers are suitable for use on a wide range of product from potatoes and carrots to onionsswedebulbs and more.



Tong’s big bag bins offer the perfect solution for filling one ton or kilo big vegetable bags or sacks, with a holding capacity of up to 1200kg/1.9 cubic metres.

Tong Big Bag Bin


Suitable for use with most forklifts and a wide range of telehandlers, Tong’s big bag bins are fitted with two forklift tubes, each 150mm wide x 70mm deep and spaced 645mm apart.


For the gentlest handling, Tong big bag bins are lined with a rubber soft-landing at the base of the hopper to ensure cushioned transfer of crop.

Built upon Tong’s trademark robust and reliable design, when you choose a Tong big bag bin, you choose one that will perform and last for many years to come.

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