Side eject box tipper potato carrot onion box tipping
Side eject box tipper potato carrot onion box tipping
Side eject box tipper potato carrot onion box tipping
Side eject box tipper potato carrot onion box tipping

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Side Eject Box Tipper

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For high throughput box tipping with a continuous load and unload cycle, Tong’s side eject box tipper is the perfect option to ensure a continuous feed of crop.

Built upon the single 160 degree box tipper design, the side eject box tipper features the addition of a heavy duty side eject mechanism that transfers empty boxes to the side, clear of the tipping cradle, allowing full boxes to be presented much quicker after the box tipping cycle is complete.

This unique, low maintenance design ensures a continuous feed of crop to the processing line, with a high throughput of up to 30 tips per hour.

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One of the key benefits of the side eject box tipper is the significant reduction in forklift movement as a result of the side eject mechanism. Presenting a full box and removing an empty box can be done within the same forklift cycle.

Ensuring maximum efficiency, once a full vegetable box is tipped, the heavy duty paddle transfers the box across onto the receiving conveyor, allowing a full box to be presented immediately, without the need to remove the empty box first.

The result; a seamless and reliable box tipping process for boxes up to 2 tons.


Power Save Mode box tipping


All Tong box tippers are built with an energy efficient power-saving mode which identifies and shuts-off the tipper when not in use.

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The option of an in-line forward conveyor is a popular choice for a continuous and even feed of crop from the tipper, as well as offering holding capacity whilst the box or bag is changed. The forward conveyor is fitted at the outfeed of the tipper and is available in a various range of size options. The crop conveyors are powered by inverter direct drive variable speed motors, and a crop sensor fitted to the top of the conveyor controls the tipping mechanism and the even flow of crop from the tipper to the conveyor. Should there be no crop or a gap in the flow of crop on any part of the belt, the crop sensor automatically accelerates the belt until crop reaches the end of the belt, then the speed returns to normal

side eject box tipper (8)


Tong offers an automatic hydraulically operated box clamp lid as an option on all box tippers. The hydraulic lid automatically lowers onto the top of the box once the box is placed in the tipping cradle. This ensures a secure hold of the box within the tipper, and completely removes the chance of any spillage of crop. When a full clamp lid is fitted, it incorporates a hydraulically opening flow door which opens to release crop once the box is tipped. A half clamp lid can also be fitted meaning half of the lid is open, so as the tipper lifts in increments, controlled by crop sensors, the crop gently flows out of the bo

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