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  • Effective stone removal from a wide variety of root crop
  • Heavy duty design, gentle on crop
  • Ideal for use alongside Tong grading equipment
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Tong Caraetaker Clod and stone separators

gentle handling

Tong’s stone and clod separator is built upon a heavy duty design which ensures gentle handling of crop whilst effectively removing stones and debris.

custom built

single or twin

Built to suit your specific requirements, Tong manufactures its stone and clod separator in a single or twin model as standard, to suit your crop type and soil conditions.

all throughputs

0.9m & 1.2m wide

With a choice of either 900mm wide for up to 5 tons per hour, or 1200mm wide for throughputs up to 8 tons per hour. you can choose the right model to suit you.

Tong Coil cleaner vegetable potato carrot onion cleaning sizing


The Tong clod and stone separator can now be fully integrated within new static or mobile grading lines from Tong, for a seamless stone & clod separating process built within your grader and optimum ease of use.

This new option sees the clod and stone separating system manufactured underneath your chosen cleaner, most popularly under a Tong coil cleaning unit; which is commonly used for sizing-out small crop. For more information about how you could integrate stone and clos separating facilities within your grader, be sure to speak to one of our experienced sales engineers today.


Tong Stone separator


Tong’s most popular stone and clod separating machine, the single roller model offers effective separation of stones and clod from crop, with a compact design that can be easily moved from one area of your grading facility to another.

Tong twin stone and clod separator


Tong’s twin model clod and stone separators incorporate an additional rotating clod roller, particularly effective when operating on crop with especially high stone content. Featuring two rotating clod rollers, the twin roller model gives two chances to separate stone and clod from crop, for optimum results.

Tong Stone & Clod separator


Featuring heavy duty design and construction, Tong’s clod and stone separators offer effective and reliable crop separation that is built to last.

Tong stone & clod separator potato vegetable stone separator


Tong’s clod and stone separators features a presentation conveyor which feeds crop and stones into the stone separating machine, before they are transferred to a heavy-duty rotating clod roller, often referred to as a bounce roller.

Crop, such as potatoes, bounce off the large bounce roller onto a flighted produce elevator, whilst clod and stones drop from the roller and fall onto a trash conveyor. Crop can then be transferred to boxes, whilst stones and transferred to waste.

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