For high capacity optical sorting of dirty crop, the TOMRA 3A optical sorter is an accurate, efficient and cost-effective machine which is an increasingly popular choice for optical sorting and automatic inspection within the Tong Caretaker and static potato grading lines.

Tong is proud to work alongside TOMRA in supplying the company’s advanced TOMRA 3A optical sorter to growers and processors throughout the UK. This sorter offers a reliable optical sorting solution on dirty and unwashed crop, featuring durable and powerful optical sorting technology for high quality results. The TOMRA 3A is designed to reduce labour-intensive, manual crop-inspection processes. Simple to install, use and maintain, the TOMRA 3A optical sorter can be specified within Tong potato and vegetable grading systems. As well as providing high quality optical sorting of dirty crop straight from the harvester, the TOMRA 3A is also ideal for out-of-storage crop sorting.

TOMRA 3A optical sorter FOR DIRTY CROP

Ideal for use with variable incoming crop types and tonnages during harvest and particularly popular for effective optical sorting of potatoes, the TOMRA 3A delivers exceptionally reliable performance allowing harvest to continue even in the most challenging conditions. The optical sorter removes foreign material to an exceptionally high standard from a wide range of crop.

The strategic combination of multi-spectral pulsed LED illumination technology, high-resolution cameras and TOMRA analysis software ensures the accurate and consistent removal of stones, soil clods, rocks, wood, bone, plastic, glass, metal and rubber.


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Gentle Handling

At Tong gentle handling is a priority for our all vegetable handing machinery. The TOMRA 3A is no exception. With it’s rubber matting and rollers the TOMRA is optimised for gentle handling even during fast, high capacity sorts.

Significant Labour Savings

The TOMRA 3A gives farmers complete control over the production cycle: adapting to harvest peaks, providing unrivalled sorting quality, and eliminating the need for manual sorting. Thereby dramatically reducing the need for additional labour at peak times.

Heavy Duty Design

Built to be low maintenance and heavy duty, the TOMRA 3A is guaranteed to be long lasting. As the TOMRA 3A has been designed for 24/7 use, you can be sure that this optical grader will be able to meet your demands.

This product is suitable for:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Carrots


High Capacity

100 tons/hr

The TOMRA 3A optical sorter can be customised to meet your requirements with capacities of up to 100 tonnes of crop per hour.

LED technology

Pulsed LED

The combination of multi-spectral pulsed LED
illumination technology, high-resolution cameras ensure accurate sorting.

Versatile Sorting

Easy Integration

The TOMRA 3A is dynamic in nature and can be integrated for high performance as part of a complete Tong grading system.

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