French machinery manufacturers, MAF Roda Agrobotic, supply technologically advanced fruit and vegetable sorting machines worldwide. Tong is proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of MAF Roda optical vegetable sorting machines suitable for high quality optical grading of onions, potatoes, garlic, Brussel sprouts and more.

The unique and intelligent MAF internal and external defect sorting technology really sets MAF equipment apart from other potato and onion optical sorting solutions on the market. Designed to minimise labour requirements whilst increasing capacity and yield, MAF’s ability to grade by weight, shape, diameter, volume, colour, as well as looking at both internal and external flaws offers vegetable producers worlwide with a level of accuracy and crop throughput that is second to none.

The progressive optical sorting capabilities of MAF, coupled with Tong’s expertise in advanced and gentle handling equipment, ensures that a Tong/MAF solution features optimum feed of crop to the MAF sorter for the highest quality results.

Exclusive Internal and External VEGETABLE Optical Sorting

The Globalscan 7 is MAF’s exclusive LED external optical sorting system. It utilises pre-set LED wavelength lighting and HD cameras to allow analysis and grading of the crop accordingly. The G7 uses cutting-edge imagery to detect any blemishes or defects on the crops outer surface. Globalscan is a multi-spectral system, and its optical grading principle is enhanced with the information provided by a visible spectrum and from the extracted wavelengths in the infra-red system. Thanks to a dimensional analysis the G7 will also determine the diameter, length, and shape of the product extremely accurately. In addition, highly efficient artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can be used to allow the G7 technology to progressively learn defect specifications for even better categorisation. The G7 camera system rapidly captures multiple images of each crop whilst it is rotated under the camera, enabling extremely accurate and consistent external sorting.

Even more impressive is the internal defect detection capabilities of the MAF-designed and patented IDD8 internal defect technology (previously IDD4). It operates by analysing both the light emitting near-infrared LEDS and the different wavelengths received by 8 photoelectric cells mounted under the crop. This results in great accuracy and the ability to detect many different types of internal defects in the load. The new IDD8 is very easy to use, it is managed from a user-friendly interface for viewing real time operation and the distribution of defects. Connected to Orphea software, IDD8 can direct the crop to different outlets depending on the quantity of internal defects.

In addition to this advanced MAF-exclusive internal and external optical sorting technology, the MAF potato and onion optical sorting machines also use Insight 2, which is a halogen, near infra-red optical sorting system like those more commonly known and utilised throughout the industry.


Onion Optical Sorting

Onion Optical Sorting

The MAF Pomone efficiently and accurately sorts onions using both G7 and IDD8. The cutting-edge technology of G7 can identify blemishes on both white and red onions making it a unique, unrivalled attribute of the MAF Pomone. The IDD8 detection system effectively identifies internal defects within the onions including accurate detection of translucent layers, base rot, neck rot, fusarium rotten core and other internal issues. This coupled with the G7 and weight grading system incorporated into the Pomone ensures extremely accurate sizing and quality sorting.

Potato Optical Sorting

Potato Optical Sorting

The MAF Oneway offers an advanced weight and optical grading solution for potatoes, in which crop is scanned using Globalscan 7 resulting in high quality sorting of crop by diameter, colour and shape. Operating at high speeds for weight sizing, it is capable of sorting 600 cups a minute per lane.



MAF optically sorts crop using MAF designed and patented software known as IDD8 (Internal Defect Detection). IDD8 is specifically designed to identify internal defects that would not be noticeable by eyesight. It is paired with MAF’s Globalscan technology to ensure that all defects, both external and internal are picked up and separated. Most crops are affected by internal defects, these defects called internal browning or water core are usually identified as internal rot. The quality of detection can be adjusted to notice the smallest of imperfections within the crop using the user friendly interface, so sorting could not be made any easier or accurate.

GlobalScan 7

GlobalScan 7

MAF’s exclusive Globalscan technology electronically sorts crop using HD cameras and infra-red wavelengths. The infra-red wavelengths gather a dimensional analysis of the crop, and can then sort and grade crop by diameter, volume, and shape. The HD cameras look at the lighting and colour of the crop, notice any blemishes or defects and overall external quality. Both of the quality sorting elements ensure that the line guarantees uniformity whilst also optimising the grading process.

Weight Sorting

Weight Sorting

MAF sorting machinery removes the risk of errors present when manually sorting, and offers a speedy grading process with it’s ability to weigh and grade crop in a few seconds. The crop is individually carried through the line on electronic cells which precisely weigh the crop, and then sizes and grades automatically.



The whole grading process with MAF from weight to optical sorting is completely automatic and minimises the need for manual labour. In addition to this, the intelligence in-built within MAF machines mean that they can self-adjust according to the size of the crop, ensuring maximum capacity is reached. Sorting the crop to such precise specifications also means that waste is reduced and more crop is saleable.



The programme interface for Globalscan, IDD8 and weight grading is connected to MAF Ophea software, which is exceptionally easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated with your own ERP system for detailed data management. allowing customers to get the best out of MAF equipment. The machine itself automatically washes, lubricates, and self-services, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring that equipment runs at maximum performance at all times.

Accurate grading

Accurate grading

With the ability to grade by weight, shape, diameter, volume, colour, and the option of looking at both internal and external flaws – grading with MAF offers the most accurate and precise sorting solution on the market. Capable of grading crop into 16 sizes, 8 colours and 4 different external qualities! 100% of the crop surface is analysed using dual sensor cameras so you can be sure your crop is graded to the best standard.

Gentle handling

Gentle handling

With the handling of crop in mind with the machine’s design – crop exits the grader on foam covered chutes to ensure that it is dealt with delicately to avoid bruising or damage.

This product is suitable for:

  • Potatoes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Brussel Sprouts


High Throughput

Up to 60 tonnes per hour

Up to 10 cells per second per lane, and 2 to 8 lanes available result in high throughput of crop.


Grades multiple crops

Suitable for potatoes, onions, garlic, brussel sprouts and more


Automatic grading

Optical sorting offers exceptionally accurate and consistent grading results whilst also giving flexibility with quality

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