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Used Grading Screens

Whilst Tong specialises in the design and manufacture of custom built vegetable grading, washing and handling equipment, from time to time we have second hand (used equipment) available including used barrel washers, potato graders, tipping, filling and used weighing equipment. We also generally have a number of equipment including used conveyors available, all of which are available for immediate delivery, or can be refurbished to meet you specific requirements. So whether you are looking to add to your existing grading system or upgrade to something that better suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and see if we have a second hand solution to suit you.

Used grading screens | Tong Engineering

We have various used grading screens available, suitable for conveying a wide range of products such as potatoes and  onions.

Please see list below of screens currently available;

Grading : 1 = excellent  2 = Very good  3= good   4 = fair
5 = poor

24 inch (609.6mm)                   Grade                                     

60mm x 13’10”                                       1
60mm x 14’ (x2)                                   All 3
85mm x 14’ (x2)                                   All 1

 36 inch (914.4mm)


45mm x 14’6” Rubber                            1

48 inch (1219.2mm)

60mm Plastic x 14’6”                             2
62.5mm x 13’                                           3
65mm Hex x 13’                                      4

 60 inch (1524mm)

42.5mm Plastic x 15’3”                          3


70mm Plastic x 15’3”                              1
70mm Plastic x 14’5”                              1

 72 inch (1828.8mm)

27mm x 14’7”                                           1
55mm x 13’                                               1
75mm x 13’                                               2
85mm x 14’5”                                           3

96 inch (2438.4mm)


38mm x 4050mm rubber                        new
44mm x 4050mm rubber                        new
45mm x 4050mm rubber (x3)                new
52mm x 4050mm rubber                        new

All are price on application. 

For more information, please contact our sales team on 01790 752771 or email