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  • Automatic & accurate weighing of bag bags and boxes
  • Continuous operation with Auto-Atop function
  • Available as stand-alone or fully-integrated system
  • Optional data capture/stock control module
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UniFill weighing platforms | Tong UK

Fill vegetable boxes &
big bags to weight

If you’re looking for an effective way to weigh your vegetable boxes and big bags, then Tong’s weighing platforms are a simple and effective way of weighing to pre-determined weights.

The Tong weigh platform offers accurate weighing and reliable performance in all vegetable handling environments and can be fully-integrated with Tong’s wide range of big bag and box filling equipment, or it can be specified as a stand-alone weigh platform.


Auto- stop weighing

Most commonly used for effectively weighing 1 ton boxes or big bags, Tong weighing platforms feature an auto-stop function to stop the flow of crop once your desired weight is achieved.


heavy duty

Manufactured to Tong’s heavy duty design, Tong weighing platforms offer a reliable and effective vegetable box and bag weighing solution that performs in all environments.



Offering accurate big bag and box weighing as standard, and with the option of Tong’s advanced data capture module, Tong weighing platforms help to take vegetable handling stock control to the next level.


When used as a fully integrated big bag or box weighing system, recording the weights of boxes as well as the output of any box or bag filler during a defined period of time is quick and easy. Tong weigh platforms can also be connected to a label printer, allowing labels with box statistics to be printed and attached to each box. This recording of contents can be taken to the next level with the addition of the latest data capture technology and intelligent box scanners, making stock control easier than ever before.

Popularly integrated with Tong’s market-leading box filler the EasyFill, the box and bag weighing platforms can be integrated with any of Tong’s box or big bag filling equipment including Tong’s single box fillers and the UniFill Big Bag FillerSoloFill Big Bag Filler and JetFill big bag fillers. The weighing platforms can also be used when filling when filling Tong’s big bag bins.


Tong’s advanced data capture technology can be specified as an added module to the standard capabilities of Tong’s weighing platforms.

Operating via the latest box scanning units, the new data capture module automatically records each box’s identity, and assigns crop statistics including the box weight and grade size of crop, as well as time-stamping when the information is recorded. The new technology also assigns traceability information from the crop’s load reference data, including details such as batch number, grower and variety.

All data relating to that box is then automatically sent via ethernet connection to the operator’s SQL stock-control database, making stock control much more efficient and accurate, whilst allowing each box to be fully traceable to its source.


EasyFill box filler with integrated weigh platforms


With integrated electronic load cells, the box and bag weigh platforms monitor the weight of the box or bag as it is filling, and display the weight at any given time on the weigh platform’s integrated digital display. Once the box is full and removed from the platform, the weigh platforms tare back to zero when an empty box or bag is placed back onto the weighing platform, in order to always display only the weight of crop within the box or bag.

EasyFill box filler with integrated weigh platforms


Built upon Tong’s trademark robust and reliable design, when you choose a Tong box and bag weighing platform, you choose one that you can rely on for many years to come.

UniFill weigh platforms


Tong weigh platforms can be specified as a free-standing weigh platform linked to a free-standing digital display, for flexible big bag and box weighing, or the weigh platforms can be supplied fully integrated with your chosen big bag or box filler. Both the free-standing and integrated models have an auto-stop function to stop the filler once the box or bag reaches the predetermined weight.

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