French machinery manufacturers, MAF Roda Agrobotic, supply technologically advanced fruit and vegetable sorting machine worldwide.

Tong is proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of MAF Roda optical vegetable sorting machines for potatoes. Offering a high-quality grading and sorting machine that can weigh and grade crop within a few seconds.

With expertise in handling a wide range of fruit and vegetables, as well as offering a comprehensive range of accurate potato grading & weighing equipment. MAF Roda also offers high-end, advanced solution optical sorting system which offers high throughputs in sorting crop based on quality and colouring.

Complete Vegetable Sorting Machine

For complete vegetable sorting solutions, MAF Roda optical sorting machine can be integrated with vegetable grading machines, to combine internal and external defect sorting with accurate weight grading.

This combination of optical and weight grading capabilities provides high quality and extremely consistent vegetable grading solution.

Streamline your packaging process with the MAF Roda. It allows electronic grading & sorting according to either the length, diameter, or aspect defects of your crops. With fully integrated traceability, it is easy to determine the quantity of your total crop that is defective.





The MAF OneWay potato weight grader is a cup sizing grading machine that singulates crop and grades based on the weight of each tuber. A roller presentation conveyor orientates tubers in-line before they pass over a V-belt singulating section which has variable belt speeds which separate the tubers which are then transferred into individual cups. After passing over load cells they are distributed onto predetermined outlet belts for packing.
Available with two, three, four, five or six lanes, the MAF OneWay potato grader can be specified with any number of outlet belts for weight graded crop. With crop cups also programmable to tip either side of the machine for a more compact machine length. When packing into cartons, two alternating belts per category are used to give high capacity non-stop operation.



With the new generation MAF OneWay weight grader, users can achieve over 40% more capacity than previous models. With each cup clipped in place on top of the lane chain, support rods are no longer necessary, allowing much higher grading speeds and minimal maintenance. The average working speed of the MAF OneWay is an efficient 400 cups per minute, per lane, with the ability to handle tubers up to 200mm in length.



The MAF Pomone potato grading system utilises some of MAF Roda’s most advanced potato handling technology. Designed to both weight grade, and quality sort individual tubers at high capacities, the MAF Pomone potato grader offers accuracy and flexibility. Giving added value to the crop whilst significantly reducing labour by offering completely automatic potato weight grading and sorting.

The MAF Pomone is designed to handle potatoes with a diameter from 45mm to 90mm and effectively grades up to sixteen sizes, eight colour bands and four quality grades. All parameters are completely and freely adjustable, corresponding to any requirement. What’s more, the Pomone potato grading machine self adjusts the singulator, roller rotation and vee belt pre-aligner speeds according to the average size of the crop. Ensuring complete rotation and maximum capacity are achieved.



With an operating speed of up to ten tubers per second per lane, the MAF Pomone offers high capacity weight and optical sorting within one potato grading machine. Available with the option of 2, 4, 6, and 8 lanes, crop sizing with the MAF Pomone is by weight on electronic load cells. The MAF Pomone also optically grades by diameter, volume and shape, with camera sorting by colour and surface defects.



Designed to handle delicate crop without any drops on transfer points, MAF weight graders offer the gentlest handling, with tubers being lowered onto foam-covered chutes as they exit the grader for careful handling.



Optical Grading

Designed to both weight grade, and quality sort individual tubers at high capacities, the MAF Pomone potato grader offers accuracy and flexibility.


Weight Grading

The MAF OneWay potato weight grader singulates crop and grades based on the weight of each tuber. Offering exceptionally consistent grading results.


5 to 60 tph

Built to suit the most demanding grading requirements, the MAF Roda weight and optical potato grading equipment effectively grades with capacities up to 60 tonnes of crop per hour.

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