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Tong Swift Lift Interstore Mobile Conveyors

  • Suitable for a wide range of products
  • Capacities from 10 to 100 tons per hour
  • Gentle vegetable handling
  • Fully mobile for maximum flexibility
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Mobile Conveyors | Tong Engineering


Tong manufactures a wide range of standard and custom built mobile conveying solutions, offering flexible and reliable conveying of crop and soil around your site and into store.

Used across a wide variety of applications from light industrial, through to root crops and grain handling, Tong’s most popular mobile conveyors are manufactured as single or double units.

So, no matter how large or small your conveying need is, or what product you are handling, you can be sure that Tong can help.



Tong mobile conveyors ensure exceptionally gentle handling and transfer of crop, with a soft yet heavy duty rubber belt and an easily detachable rubberised reception hopper



Fully mobile and easily transportable, Tong’s mobile conveyors offer exceptionally convenient movement of product and soil, used in the field or at multiple sites.



Tong mobile conveyors offer fast yet gentle handling of vegetables, soil, woodchip… you name it! No matter what your throughput, Tong offers a mobile conveyor to suit every need.

Mobile Conveyors | Tong Engineering

Built to suit your vegetable conveying needs

Tong’s high quality, reliable mobile conveying solutions can be specified to suit all requirements and product types, including grain, vegetables and waste.

They are ideal for gentle mobile vegetable handing including potato grading & handling and carrot grading & handling, and can also be used for loading crop into store or transferring waste; often popularly used as a mobile soil conveyor. Tong’s mobile conveying range is designed to offer an affordable, convenient and gentle transfer of product.

Tong also manufacture custom-built static vegetable conveyors, from single conveyors to complete conveying solutions for situations where mobile systems are not required.


mobile conveyor


In the single form, standard lengths range from 3m to 9.75m long. Tong single mobile conveyors are built upon smooth, clean design for optimum appearance and strength. Manufactured to offer gentle crop conveying, the single mobile conveyor offers effective conveying of a wide variety of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions and more, with the capability to work at any angle. The conveyor wheels are fully adjustable to a vertical position, for easy and positive manoeuvrability.

Standard widths of Tong’s single conveyors are 600mm and 900mm wide.

Mobile Conveyor potato


The ultimate choice for maximum flexibility and extreme reach, Tong double conveyors, also known as dual conveyors or ‘up and over’ conveyors, can be used in a straight line configuration, or almost any required angle combination. With the swing on the two conveyors capable of exceeding 180 degrees, Tong dual conveyors are manufactured in two standard models; one at 8.8m long extending to 14.3m long, and a longer model at 11m long extending to 18.8m. Manufactured with one extra screwjack castor-wheel assembly, and an extra reception hopper, the ‘Up-and-Over’ double conveyors can be easily converted into two single conveyors – each with its own electric motor.

Standard widths of Tong’s dual conveyors are 600mm and 900mm wide.

Mobile Conveyor potato


Tong’s mobile conveyors are fitted with heavy duty yet gentle troughed conveyor belts, ensuring efficient crop transfer, with no spillage from one conveyor to the next. The feed radius and height of the conveyor is fully adjustable, and on double units, the top conveyor can be locked into position at the required angle.

Mobile Conveyor potato


Manufactured with heavy duty screwjack wheels with lock-slide adjustments, the delivery height of Tong mobile conveyors is fully adjustable to suit your application. The double castor wheels are also fitted with a brake system for security of the conveyor whilst in use.

Mobile Conveyor potato


Tong’s mobile conveyors are fitted with heavy duty detachable towbar for easy transport and manoeuvrability.

All Tong mobile conveyors also come complete with an easily detachable rubberised reception infeed hopper and a 20m mains cable, for flexibility in use.

Mobile Conveyor potato


Available with a choice of speed functions, Tong’s mobile conveyors can be fitted with 3 phase two speed or single phase fixed speed as standard. Nonetheless, the mobile conveyors are popularly fitted with variable speed for regulated crop throughput and quality in all conditions.

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