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Tong potato conveyor


Engineered to last, Tong’s range of vegetable conveyors are specifically designed to offer gentle handling of a wide range of product including vegetables, fruits, bulbs and more.

So, whether you’re looking for a single, stand-alone conveyor, or a complete turnkey vegetable or materials handling facility, Tong will custom-built a conveying solution that meets your exact requirements.




Tong conveyors ensure exceptionally careful handling of crops and bulbs. They allow efficient handling of semi-solid materials and effective handling trays and boxes, built to your exact requirements.


0.3M TO 1.8M WIDE

Manufactured in a wide range of widths as standard from 0.3 to 1.8m wide, Tong vegetable conveyors can be designed to operate at whatever length you choose, to suit your exact requirements.



Suitable for outdoor dirty crop handling situations, or high-care crop packing environments, Tong vegetable conveyors can be built in mild or stainless steel construction to suit your application.

Tong vegetable potato carrot onion conveyors


Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, Tong vegetable conveyors are designed for ultimate reliability and are available in mild or stainless steel construction to suit your application. Built in a wide range of standard lengths and widths, to suit all handling requirements, Tong manufactures light, medium and heavy duty vegetable conveyors, with options including trough conveyors, screw conveyors, triple deck conveyors, ensuring your product is always in the right place.



Fitted with a fixed speed motor as standard, Tong conveyors can also be specified with variable speed drive for maximum flexibility and control.

Tong weigh conveyor


Manufactured to suit your specific crop weighing requirements, Tong weigh vegetable conveyors offer an efficient means of calculating the throughput of crop over the conveyor at any given time. With the facility to calculate and display an average throughput from start, as well as the total tonnage from start.

Suitable for handling a wide range of fruit and vegetables, and available in both mild and stainless steel construction, Tong weigh conveyors are the ideal solution to monitoring the throughput of your packhouse or handling facility.

Pallet & Box Handling Conveyors


Built to withstand the most demanding conveying situations, Tong chain conveyors are manufactured with a powered continuous chain arrangement, a popular choice for those looking for an extra heavy duty conveyor. All Tong chain conveying systems feature heavy duty construction and extra strength conveyor belts for maximum performance and strength.

Tong tray conveyor


Built to your exact specification, Tong offers custom built tray and box conveying systems. Manufactured with a choice of heavy duty gravity or powered roller tracking vegetable conveyors for reliable transfer of boxes or trays from one place to the next. A popular choice within packhouses where trays need to travel through different parts of the processing facility, Tong’s tray and box conveyors offer a complete solution, saving time and significantly reducing labour requirements

Triple Deck Conveyor


Tong’s manufacturers a wide range of produce packing conveyors, including triple deck conveyors. Designed to offer high capacity conveying of prepared and packed produce. Integrated with waste chutes and inspection tables, the triple deck conveyor system offers the ideal packhouse solution. Streamlining the whole pre-pack produce handling process whilst utilising space and labour in the most efficient way.


Manufactured with the gentlest handling of crop in mind, Tong diverter plough conveyors gently divert crop as it passes over the conveyor. Facilitating multiple outlets for produce from one main conveyor. All Tong multiple-outlet plough conveyors can be manufactured with fixed ploughs, or adjustable gate ploughs. Allowing flexibility in moving the plough to suit your specific handling requirements, either manually or pneumatically.


Tong screw conveyors offer an efficient and versatile conveying solution, allowing users to convey bulk materials in any direction, either horizontally or vertically. Popularly used for conveying semi-solid materials including food waste, soil, sludge and woodchip. Tong’s screw conveyors offer a robust, high performance conveying system that is built to suit your exact requirements.


Tong offers a range of v-track bag conveyors which ensure efficient bag and sack conveying. Facilitating upright conveying which is particularly effective and convenient when integrated with bag closing and stitching systems.


Tong’s dewatering drain conveyors are manufactured using a specialist mesh belt which offers effective conveying of wet crop whilst facilitating drainage of water during the process. Popularly specified in vegetable washing environments, the dewatering conveyor allows excess water to drained from crop whilst it passes through the processing facility, enhancing the crop’s end finish and quality.

Tong carrot vegetable conveyors


Tong conveyors are built upon an innovative modular design, allowing you to update your conveying specifications as your requirements develop for maximum longevity.

Tong vegetable conveyors are fitted with heavy duty PVG endless side tracked belts as standard, giving effective transfer of all crop types and materials. So, whether you’re conveying potatoes in the USA or apples in England, you can take your pic of a wide range of belt option including pocket belts, web belts, trough belts and modular belts to ensure your conveying system fits the bill perfectly.

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